Monitor Recommendations for a 1366X768 Laptop

Hi All,

Would appreciate any professional monitor recommendations for my laptop with a resolution of 1366 X768. Usage would be mainly for studying(watching course videos, reading PDF) and coding. I am going to spent atleast 8hrs in weekdays and 15hrs in weekend for my study.

Planning to buy 2 monitors, either 2X27 inch or 2X24 inch.

1.Would it be a good idea to go for 4K?
2.Any review for Dell P2421D QHD?
3.Any Dell P series recommendations?

Thank you very much.


  • Need to know which laptop you have as to what resolution monitor it can power.
    Also the type of connections available would be good.
    Does it even have the ability to run 2 external monitors?

    • Thanks, Oscargamer, I have Dell latitude 5401(9th Gen i7, 6core, 12T). It has an HDMI1.2, USB C Charging port which can be used through a USB C hub to connect to 2 monitors.

      • If you are buying 2x24", just get 1080p. If 2 x 27", then upsize to 1440p.

        There are some nice monitors here - depending on budget.

        • Thanks mate..but will there be any problem with 24 inch 1440P?

          • @Apra: I used to have a 24" 1440p - set Windows display scaling to 125% and it looks pretty nice.
            Currently use 27" 1440p with 125% scaling.

            I'm a big fan of 4K though, it makes text look much clearer than 1080p or 1440p to my eyes.

            • @forged: @forged…Thanks. Would you mind sharing your Monitor details? I am after Dell P series monitors but unfortunately there are no offers currently going on.I believe 4K ll put more strain to your eyes than 1440P, what do you reckon

              • @Apra: Right now I've got two monitors, one LG 27GL850 (1440p, IPS, 144Hz) for games + general use, and a Dell U2720Q (4K, IPS, 60Hz) for photo editing/general use. They both look great but the U2720Q is a lot sharper. No issues with eyestrain, because you set scaling higher on the 4K monitor - everything ends up about the same size, but text is much clearer and easier to read. I use 175% scaling on the 27" 4K. If anything I'd say 4K reduces eyestrain.

                Given you said you'll be mostly doing study/coding, I'd maybe get a S2721Q [] ?

                • @forged: Thanks…for the info, Now in between the Dell P series or U series. Initially, I was also looking towards U2720Q, but a friend suggested against it from his personal experience, asked me to go for specifically for P series as these are designed for office tasks(coding, PDF…)

          • @Apra: None whatsoever. Just more expensive.