Dreame T20 or Dreame V11 or V10 Vaccum Cleaner

Had purchased Dyson V11 Outsize for a ripper price of $1100 and found it to be heavy, not easily useable as it had bigger head and was hard to to use it on tiles. Used it for approx 6 weeks and sold it for $1000.

Now i am looking to get one of these Dreame T20 or Dreame V11or V10 which is half the price , light weight and will be sufficient for my requirements but mostly confused with Dreame T20 which is currently under production or get a V10.

Any thoughts or recommendations.



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    Dreame T20 - $320 - Early bird price
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    Dreame V11 - $599
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    Dreame V10 - $359


  • What's the suction airwatt for dreame?

    • V10 22,000Pa V11 and T20 25,000Pa

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        Pay less and get the T20 then, that's a no brainer, any ozbargainer would agree

  • T20 is basically a V11 with interchangeable batteries. Same specs, but less individual battery life. Would consider the pack with an extra battery at ~ $416 AUD

    Assume those are the referral links you've popped in your question to ozbargainers? :P

    • +1

      So the T20 was modelled on the V11. The following points have been optimized in the new model:

      now with exchangeable battery (can also be delivered with two batteries)
      floor roller specially designed for carpets
      automatic adjustment of the suction stages
      HEPA filters can be taken apart and cleaned under the sink
      Dust chamber enlarged by 0.1 l
      Working time reduced from 90 min. to 70 min., but second battery

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    Only cons of T20 is that it would not have been produced (Eg. tested) before. But the early bird (low) price may offset that.

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    Might be worth noting that the T20 has a A$21 delivery fee plus the cost of an electrical adapter. The V10 meanwhile is currently $300 using a code. So the V10 is in fact cheaper and will get to you sooner.

    • Yeah.. no more free shipping to Aus.. the other good thing is it has auto sensors for flooring and roller to suit hard floors and carpets

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    Just bought the T20 from the Indiegogo website, thanks to an ozbargainer who casually mentioned it. I had to pay US$229+ US$15 for shipping. All up for the most basic set I was charged A$338.61 on my card.

    Very excited for this vacuum! It’s actually much cheaper than the Dreame V11 that was on sale for $374+ today.

    • Great :) i decided to go with it as well. Paid for shipping and excepting it to be delivered in November. Cant wait after horrible experience with V11 Outsize !

      • Oh what do you mean v11 outsize?

        • Yes, it was too heavy.. had troubles using it in corners as the head was bigger in size and was horrible on hardwood/tiles.

          P.S .. Was great on carpets.

          • @summithunter: I see. Yeah that would be difficult to vacuum with. Good that you didn’t lose too much money with the v11. I’m amazed at the resale value lol. Did u sell it on gumtree?

  • Did you get one OP?

    I just purchased through indiegogo campaign now. Looks awesome for the price.

    • Yes, I did. Shipping is next month and have been receving updates. It definately looks worth the price

      V11 Specs for T20 Price

      • Yeah mine is also listed as November shipping. Can't wait man, it looks bloody awesome for $345. I got the dreame v9 for my parents and it has been awesome and that cost me $300, so this looks like a really good upgrade and it has a dual surface head so it's basically cheaper than the V9 with a carpet roller.

        Can't wait to try it out :D

  • I've got both the Dyson V11 Absolute pro at home for downstairs, and thought i'd get the Dreame V11 to use upstairs at home.

    Received my Dreame V11 around 1 week ago, and it's a ripper of a vacuum!

    I'd say it's on well on par with my Dyson, and love the longer battery life! My only qualm with the Dreame V11 is the lack of a carpet head cleaner (the aussie version I purchased only came with the soft rolling head for hard floors) - if anyone knows where we can purchase carpet head cleaner, i'm all ears :)

    • Hi - does the non-powered dyson accesories fit into the dreame? cheers

  • so I just noticed the T20 is selling on Ali on the official Dreame store for ~AU$650 or you can get it on indigogo for the same but you get 2x.
    indigogo ppl are complaining that theirs hasn't shipped but Ali orders are shipping.

    anyone have any opinions on this matter?

    I am happy to sign up to the indigogo perk (2x for AU$600 + freight) provided my money won't go down the toilet, as we aren't in a rush.
    also no accessory pack for it yet (mop head, extra battery etc)

  • I received an email that all Australian orders are being shipped in December

    • thanks just tried to order one and it says won't ship to AU anymore… is there any special way for AU shipping?

  • +1

    Has anyone who ordered this received shipment notification?

  • Anyway of still getting a T20?? :)

    • Apparently they are hitting the Australian port today … https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1w8-18mR9DahM-QmUfAjk...

      • Yea for people who backed the indiegogo :)

        Unfortunately that’s closed off now so hoping there still an Avenue for me buy one 😅😅

        • Haha hopefully when it arrives and it's a dud, then you can buy off them :P

      • Still no update 2 weeks after hitting port. Getting pretty close to claiming a refund through PayPal at this point.

        • I wonder if it's some kind of COVID/customs delay - In my head I'm prepared to give it until end of January.

  • just got emailed my tracking number with fastway

    • Yep ditto!

    • Me 2 ! Finally ha ha

    • That said … mine just says it was submitted to them on the 3rd of December, but no other location or information since.

      • aaaaand it got delivered to me in the ACT today! Must admit, pretty nice quality all round so far.

  • Received my Indiegogo campaign T20 yesterday. Am Melbourne based.

    • what was your order number?

    • did you use it? waiting for reviews
      This? or play is safe gets dyson v11?

      • Dyson, made the mistake so you don’t have to.

  • Doees anyone know how to contact these people .. i bought a T20 from INDIGOGO and it failed DAY 1

    • Their emails they sent to everyone mention after sales support can be found here: [email protected]

    • How did you go with a response from Dreame staff? My vaccum cleaner is no longer working after a month

  • Oh and its not as good as a dyson V8 … i had one of those and replaced it with a T20 .. less suction and generally not as good

  • +1

    Yeah, received mine, and day the OLED screen came off; emailed their aftersales email and no response. I've lodged a credit card dispute.

    So far in comparison to the DC59 it replaced:
    - On pay or better in everything besides carpet performance. DC59 smashes the T20 (must be the roller head) in this department.

  • A little out of topic but anyone heard any updates about the Dreame V11 Carpet Head that's supposed to be released by the end of 2020?

    Also was wondering if the cleaner heads for the T20 are interchangeable with the V11?

  • I like my Dreame 11, but having 2 animals in the house means a lot of fur, and I have to regularly unclog the connection points between the suction tube and storage barrel (I assume these aren't the technical terms). But does seem to collect a LOT of dust and dirt.

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