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Coles Mobile - 365 Days, 60GB Data, Optus, Unlimited Int’L Talk/Text to 15 Countries, Rollover <50GB $99 (Was $120) @ Coles


Deal is from the upcoming Coles catalogue starting October 7.


Good value when compared to Catch’s $89 365 day plan as it includes unlimited talk/text to the following 15 countries - Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom and United States.

Rollover up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge.

Critical information summary.

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  • Will I still be able to receive calls or texts when using this overseas?

    Could I make free calls back to Aus if in a country with the free international calls to?

    Cheers :)

    • I made a related enquiry to the online chat Earlier today and was advised that sms could be received In the few countries I quoted free of charge. I was asked what countries I intended to visit but doubt if they are relevant. I did not ask but am quite confident that making and/or receiving calls (and any mobile data usage) whilst overseas will attract roaming charges

  • For anyone interested in Boost for roaming…
    From their website
    "From 13 October 2020, international roaming will no longer be available on your Boost Mobile service, and Add-ons will not have roaming inclusions. A new version of international roaming will launch in mid-2021."

  • If I signed up with Optus $5 sim, will I need to port number & change sim?

    • Yes

  • Can this be bought in store? Mum doesn't need much data but requires international minutes to call overseas

    • +1

      Yes bought in store next to customer service counter in centre.

    • Yes, price says $120 but reduced to $99 when scanned

  • Lots of reports of previous Porting issues.

    Would be good to know once the special starts tomorrow if new people Porting to Coles Mobile also have issues.

  • Just wanted to clarify the difference between coles mobile and catch connect. Take a look at both websites, they are virtually the same (certainly the same theme!). The service should really be called "Optus Prepaid remix - Coles variant" or "Optus Prepaid remix - Catch variant" because that is what it is. The live chat most likely would be direct to Optus. I took up the the catch connect for $89 the other day and noticed it on the paper the sim came on "Optus trading as catch connect".

    It seems Optus is just licensed to use the name "colesmobile" and "catch connect"

    Amaysim on the other hand are structurally different, which is why they do cost more as they aren't just Optus.

    I can't wait till VoLTE is on for Optus prepaid (because then it will be on for catch and coles no doubt). I've probably missed that and the voicemail as an MMS message since moving off Optus postpaid.

    Oh and the other thing is that Optus prepaid (aka Catch Connect as well) allows call forwarding without cost, where as Amaysim it costs to call forward (I was with amaysim for about 15days before the catch deal came up).

    Porting from Amaysim to Catch took all of 10mins yesterday. Again, Coles is just Optus prepaid, there shouldn't be an issue.

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      Porting from Amaysim to Catch took all of 10mins yesterday

      That sounds about right on how long a Port should take

    • Also to add, is that 2 way calls are also enabled on Catch connect (I'm sharing as I am suspecting Catch and Coles are the same). Again Amaysim only had call waiting on which meant I knew when someone was ringing while I was on a call but I couldn't take 2 calls at once.
      Hope it helps someone else.

  • I have bought one this morning at Coles for my daughter to use as I am porting out from Boost.

    • +1

      Let us know how long it takes and how it goes

      • Ported this morning from Aldi to Coles and it got activated in less than 5 minutes. Please do note Aldi mobile is not even listed as an option and I had to choose Others.

    • What is the expiry date or last activation date? Thanks.

  • Currently on hold with them, to get my number ported across from Telstra - been in the queue for 10 minutes. We'll see how long this takes.

    • Finally got through to someone, and they told me that they can't activate the SIM over the phone, that it can only be done online. I told her I don't have internet access, so can't she do it over the phone, but she said no, I would just have to wait until I had internet access.Unbelievable! That was on the 1300 number on the Coles Mobile website.

      • Was the person that answered Optus or a Coles Mobile employee ?

        • Coles I'd assume, because that was the number I rang. At no point was Optus mentioned.

      • WiFi hotspot to a friends phone.

        • If you were following this thread, you would realise that the issue is porting online. Obviously I do have internet access, because I'm on here. I don't want to activate online because there have been numerous reports of problems that can take days or even months to sort out.

          • @lina23: Some are having problems and some aren't. Porting from Telstra to Coles Mobile shouldn't be an issue.

            • @Arthur Dunger: But it is. I activated it online at lunchtime, nearly 8 hours later I am still waiting for the number to port across. I have spoken to the "support" team twice, they can't see any reason for the delay. And this is going from Telstra to Coles Mobile.

              • @lina23: It's been over 24 hours now, and the number still hasn't ported across from Telstra. Not happy Jan! So much for porting from Telstra being the way to go.

                • @lina23: Do you still have your Telstra sim in the phone? Sometimes you have to respond to a text message before the whole process starts.

                  • @carlenet: No, we're way past that. It's just waiting for the porting over. There's no problem with the activatiin, I've rung them a few times. They say its a "network" issue, they can't be any more specific than that, and they've escalated it to the Optus team.

                    • @lina23: Sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll get it sorted out very soon.

                      • +1

                        @carlenet: It's been 3 days now, and still not transferred. Nobody can tell me what the problem is. The issue that is really annoying me now is the lack of communication from ColesMobile. I have rung them 6 times, and each time they say they will get back to me within a couple of hours with some more info. But nobody has rung me back since Wednesday. I can accept that problems occur, but to me, its the lack of communication that is unacceptable. Don't tell the customer you will ring them back unless you are going to do it. To make matters worse, and I've explained this to CM every time I call them - it's actually my elderly mother's phone I'm porting over, and she's in hospital so I'm trying to sort this out during the daytime while I am visiting her, as it's a bit difficult for an 85 year old woman to swap the tiny SIM cards out on the phone. Anyway - end of rant.

                        • @lina23: Sorry to hear. Hope the issue will be resolved ASAP.

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    Just ported over from Boost online. Took about 10mins in total.
    Keep your old sim card in your phone until you get through the online activation steps as they send a message to your phone with a code you need to enter to authorise the port.

    • +1

      10mins sounds good

    • Did you select current carrier 'Telstra' or 'Others'? I selected 'Others' and mentioned 'Boost' in free text field, still waiting after 2 hours :(

  • Do I need to buy the coles SIM card seperately or does it comes with it when I purchase that $99 plan??

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      It looks like you will need to buy the sim from coles and recharge it.

      • How much is the SIM separately from the recharge ?

    • +4

      It comes with the SIM. Source: I bought it this morning

      • Cheers 😊

    • +1

      From the catalogue "Coles $120 Prepaid SIM: Includes $120 recharge, 60GB data. For use in AU within 365 days. New customers only. Activate within 30 days of purchase". Appears to be a prepaid sim pack

      • 30 days to activate, ouch. I would had purchased it if they were 6months to activate, until my boost mobile expires. Guess I'll wait few more months >_>

    • Apologies for the wrong info. It appears you buy the sim card and recharge together.

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        Yes, Sim is included in a prepaid "60GB" pack available at the main desk where they sell their mobiles, ciggies etc. Scans at $99.

  • When does this have to be activated by?

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      Read above you, someone said "Activate within 30 days of purchase" appear on the sim pack? I was gonna purchase it but guess I'll wait next year when my boost expires >_>

      • +1

        true, I might suss out the sim packs in person.

        • +2

          https://i.imgur.com/9qQqX0W.png they are in the catalogue on bottom of page 40 :)

          I'm out of luck, might wait few months and who knows if they will bring $99 for sims again nor the $150 down to $120 to $130 maybe?

          • +1

            @jmytch: Hopefully! I think these plans are new. I recall them being old / uncompetitive just a few short months ago.

  • Are unlimited call diversions included free ?

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    Ad states international call and text, but the CIS sheet states only international call only, text will be charged per message. Anyone knows the international calls whether including the landline and mobile? Thanks

  • Note that Optus Mobile will not let you create an account if you are under 18 (i.e. can't port an existing phone number if it is registered under a date of birth of a 17 year old).

    • And by that I of course meant Coles Mobiles. :facepalm:

  • Is there a Coles Mobile App to track data usage ?

    • Yes, Coles Mobile app allows to track usage and top up.

  • Anyone please answer can Optus prepaid do voice to text message bank ?

  • Ported from Telstra corporate post paid account to this. Took all of 3 mins tops. Note that Telstra was informed by the company that this number is being ported out and I had the account number too from which this was porting out.

    Hopefully this helps others porting.

  • Ported from amaysim. As soon as I pressed activate on the website, service was no longer available on my mobile. Received email confirmation that my number was successfully ported within a minute. Super fast! Very impressed.

  • Now available online to order

  • +1

    Ported from Boost. Did it last night, nothing happened, called the 1300 this morning, noone attended the call. Tried the web chat, got it done straight away.

    Purchased from Coles store, advertised as $120 but scanned as $99.

  • Looks to be expired a day early?
    I need to go to a physical store and try my luck

  • try to activate my sim bought on 11/10, told sim is invalid, contact online chat, told a level 2 support will contact me soon.