Smartphone with NFC and Wireless Charging for under $400

Do you think i could get lucky finding something? I cant seem to find any reputable brands offering anything in that price range like xiaomi, oppo, huawei, samsung etc… ( I only want android). And ive also looked at most of the phones in the what should I buy section.

Last time i bought a doogee i had it for a week and then screen stopped working :/


  • Second hand galaxy S9+

    • any particular reason why this would be above the rest as a second hand phone? cause i would consider it!

    • I've had reasonably good luck with XiaoMi Max family fones (1 & 3).
      We bought for Big Screens 6.44" & 6.9" resp. Still want larger… ;~)

      The only issue is one that might affect any products you buy fr CN/HK:

      • Prices go up way to quickly & without notice

      PS Altho my Max won't have some of the feature you want, other models may.

      eg, Mix? (1 of these is said to work w/ Google Pay, fr memory)

    • Or S10+ if the prices drop further with the release of the s20 FE. I paid 600 for my SH S10+

  • yeah same i want nfc and wi.charging too, but with screen size 6.8" and above

  • here you can search the model brand and features and then start hunting for the 2nd hand.
    i dont think you can find brand new for 400 with those features especially w.charging, seems like expensive feature because most xiaomi doesnt have them

  • What other features and specs are you looking for? I know you want wireless charging and NFC but things like display size, battery capacity etc are pretty important to consider. What phone did you have previously before it said WUZZUP to the Ocean floor?

    • 4gb ram, 5.5"+ screen size really im not that fussed. I just know its super hard to get a wireless charging phone under $500. Mind you i wont go doogee or anything like that, too dodgee if you ask me.

  • LG V30+ is on sale at JB for $399…has NFC and wireless charging. The camera is more than capable but the best feature by far is the audio quality of the quad DAC, jaw dropping audio particularly with HQ headphones! That alone is worth the price of entry!

  • Problem you are going to have is wireless charging. With USB-C it has become more of a gimmick. Like you're going to bring a wireless charging pad when you are out and about. Rubber band it with your phone.

    Poco X3 NFC is a good example of what you can get without wireless charging.

    Heard bad things about Doogee. I think it might be Chinese pronunciation of Dougie from the Pizza Hut ads.

    • well, charging pad is for home and or office.,
      usb c cable and power bank if going for vacation, otherwise no need to carry cable if just go watching cinema or dinner

  • There’s also the wireless charging docks for the car. I’ve tried using both but find that it’s usually easier and more convenient just to plug it in. The case can affect the charging and I don’t like taking the case on and off all the time!

  • Xiaomi mi mix 3, might be pushing your budget though

  • Samsung Galaxy A21S Smartphone 32GB
    * big battery 5000 mAh
    * good size 6.5in screen
    * decent cameras [48+8+2+2 MP]
    * Qi +USB-C charging
    * Octo-core processor
    * 3 GB RAM
    * 32 GB storage + 1024 GB via microSD

    Most of these specs outdo the Galaxy S9/S10 and many top-tier flagships from a couple of years ago.
    Caveat, it doesn't have the same quality finish (doesn't matter so much if you use a case), and the Galaxy A-series lacks the S-series water resistance.
    Note, some A21S models do have and some don't have NFC, if that is a deal-breaker, check with the retailer first.
    P.S. if you shop around you may find the A31/A51 at price close to your budget.

  • I have an LG G7 Thinq and it has those features. I've seen it under $400 on eBay.
    LG is criticised because it is not that rapid with Android updates but other than that, I cannot fault the phone after a bit over a year with it. Fast enough, v good screen and the camera is terrific.