Help choosing time to post a new deal

hi fellow members
we are new to this site
in order to achieve the best result, may i know when is the best time to post a new deal?


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    If it's a good deal, the time it's posted shouldn't really matter.

  • When you have a good deal.

    A good deal - cheapest for the same product without obvious tricks like changing the name of an AliExpress product.

  • As soon as you’re ready to post it. If it’s good it will be jumped on by this group if it’s not well…

  • Remember store and price in title

  • This isn't like Facebook or Instagram where you're trying to get as many upvotes as possible. Post it as soon as you see it and it's reception should be organic.

    The perks of Ozbargain being a democracy

    If you're really concerned though

    i'd say 7:30am-8:30am AEST
    or 4:30pm-5;30pm AEST

  • "we"?

    Don't forget to check "I am Associated with the Store or Product"

    Like others have mentioned, if it's a good deal, it shouldn't really matter what time you post.

  • I have logged in at 7:30am and missed out on deals posted at 4,5am. Ozbargainers aren't your typical Facebooker/Instagrammer. If the deal is good, the site will get a free DDoS test.

  • 3:33am

  • Anytime is a good time as long as it truly is a deal and cheaper than previous history. Alot of Ozber's will call you put if it's not. Welcome to the site. Look forward to your first deal.

  • Your deals seem to be lacking anything that people actually want to splash their disposable income on. Have a look at the most popular deals from the last few months and it's pretty obvious you aren't selling that type of item. So it's not the time of day that matters for your deals.

  • Just realised OP is associated with a storefront. Your details may not be getting good reception because they're not considered 'deals' by the general community. This will put you at risk of being downvoted if repeated.

    Will just leave a friendly reminder for the OP that Ozbargain is not a free ad space which i feel more and more stores are abusing more frequently.

  • A good deal is a like sugar and Ozbargainers like ants. There is no bad time.

  • Always post it just a few hours before I check the site so it is all expired by the time I login :D joke story of my ozbargain life