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SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Mechanical Keyboard $282.54 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems like this is going for $350-400 everywhere else, so looks like a good deal.

Picked one up as it’s been reviewed as the best keyboard for gaming due to its “adjustable switches” that can actuate at 0.4mm.

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    Is it a deal? Sure.

    Is it worth it? No, not at all.

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    Why is it his so expensive ? Arnt cherry switches better ?

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      I was watching some youtuber that looks into various switches (I think he's more of a vintage person though), and he said this was good, surprisingly.
      So I think it'd be worth a shot at least.

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      There's numerous factors as to why this might be so damn expensive.

      • Tiny OLED panel (pretty useless)
      • "OmniPoint" switches (allow you to change the actuation distance - not necessary)
      • TKL design (smaller form factor has allowed some companies to hike up their prices)
      • SteelSeries logo
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      Cherry aren't really the best by a long shot these days, but you're right, these switches probably aren't great.

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        Cherry switches only excel in quality control and lifespan.

    • Cherry switches actuate at 2.0mm and are rated for 50mil presses,
      These Omnipoint switches actuate at anywhere from 0.4mm to 3.5mm that you can adjust per key and are rated for 100mil presses.

      So its much faster response mainly, I'd only recommend it if you want the best of the best.

  • geez a keyboard is more expensive than my cpu lol.

    guess im just too poor.

    • Me too, rocking the 3300x :) but I've been eyeing this keyboard for a while

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    Honestly IMO if your even thinking about spending this much you're better off custom building your own keyboard which will be quite a bit better.

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      Not sure what you mean by "better", but certainly no the switches(if you are after linear) which is the main selling point for this

      • Build quality, Sound quality and Aesthetics.

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          From the reviews what I've seen, build quality is pretty solid here but sure the rest is upto personal preference :)

      • +1

        Plenty of better feeling switches on the market imo, it is all subjective though, but I much prefer Tangerines lubed with 205g0, smoothest switch I have felt.

        • -3

          All subjective indeed, many reviewers have said that these Omnipoints are the smoothest theyve used so I'm excited to give them a go

      • You know even a cheap $99 dollar optical keyboard on amazon has a faster response time than this keyboard right?

    • +2

      My thoughts exactly. You might not be spending much less (depends on what you go for), but at least you're getting something that hasn't been too heavily inflated.

      Pick up a hot-swappable board, keycaps, 1-2 sets of different switches and you're good to go (min. $200)

      • I agree if you wanted to personalise your keyboard and have it all your way you shouldn't buy this, but what you can't get with a custom keyboard are these Omnipoint adjustable switches which is one of the main reasons I went for it.

        • That's exactly why I said you could buy 1-2 sets of different switches… You don't need the fancy shmancy OmniPoint ones when you're rarely ever going to change the actuation distance.

          • @jjsu: Oh my bad, what I meant was these switches adjust to 0.4mm actuation and thats the fastest switch on the market. While regular switches are usually around 2.0mm.
            There's also the convenience of switching actuation distance with one button depending if im gaming or typing for a while, rather than swapping out my entire keyboard.

  • +1

    Just over $100 for my quickfire Tk looks like amazing value compared to this product.

  • Anyone got any affordable mechanical keyboard deals going

  • I've been looking Alienware 510k but no decent deals sub $200 in a while.

  • Woah, that’s a pricey keyboard

  • I have used this keyboard for a number of months at work. While it's a steep price, it's basically similar build quality to something entry level custom made. I didn't pay for mine, but it's a really nice keyboard, and really not comparable to something like $150. When I had to give it back eventually, I ended up going out and buying components to build my own since a cheaper mech just wasn't the same. Stabilizers are good, switches are very smooth, the little LED screen is superfluous but fully customizable so it's a neat little thing.

    • The review I was watching was suggesting that it's smoother than a lot of the linears in the market. Would you agree with that?
      Just curious, this keyboard was on my list of keyboards I wanted to get for that reason.

      Novelkeys cream and whatnot might be an option as well, but eh, key switches alone would send me around 90 bucks so options options options.

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