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Wiggle.co.uk - ASICS GEL-Kayano 17's Ladies £77.25 (A $120.75), Men's £74.57 (A $116.58)


I've managed to get the price down for Asics Ladies Gel Kayano 17's down to £77.25 = A$120.75 using the coupon code AUS25 from here http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/56696.

The list price just dropped today from £110 to £102.50 (I've been checking the price for the past week)

Currently shown in GBP, it shows the shoes at list price £102.50, less 10% = £92.25 ($A144.22).
BUT when you change the currency to AUD it still shows the shoes as being priced at $156.83, so the coupon AUS25 for $25.50 off $150 will still work.

Ladies http://www.wiggle.co.uk/asics-ladies-gel-kayano-17-shoes/
Mens http://www.wiggle.co.uk/asics-gel-kayano-17-shoes/

Follow the steps below for Ladies Shoes:

Logged into account
Under International Options, Changed Currency Option = GBP & Ship order to AUS
Added Shoes to cart
Added coupon code AUS25 (adds a discount of A$25.50/£15)
Brings the price down to £77.25 (A$120.75)
Choose Standard Free Despatch

Not sure how long this will last because if they discount the shoes when you show them in AUD, you will need to add another item to use the coupon.

The Mens Gel Kayano 17's are currently 15% off (shown as AUD $148.73) so to use the $25 off coupon, you need to add an item like http://www.wiggle.co.uk/cst-bmx-inner-tube/ for $3.54.
Once added and you show the price in AUD, the price will be $152.27
Add the coupon and the price will be $126.77
Change the order to GBP and the price will be £74.57 (A$116.58)

The coupon AUS25 expires at 2pm GMT on 15/11/11.

The price excludes fees for conversion etc from your credit card merchant.

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    Any idea how much times its takes for Oz Delivery?


    Is anyone able to Choose color in this site?


    Simply brilliant OP! Love how shoes from o/s are cheaper inclusive of delivery fees than the local merchant prices in store, and by a considerable margin. Retail stores in OZ need to renegotiate rents due to the increasing competition from o/s and maybe we will see better deals for poor suffering local consumers.


    Thank you OP, I've been looking for a kayanos bargain for quite a while now - this method is a good $30 cheaper than fleabay :)and you're guaranteed a genuine product

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    Followed the above steps and everything went perfectly. A great bargain. I was able to choose the colour. With this, and the Dunlop Volley deal also at OzBargain, my footwear needs are covered for a while and at a great price. AAA+++


    Good find,ordered a pair for the missus and a spare pair for myself.
    Many thanks!!


    great tip to leave it in GBP ;) thankyou!!

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    So is this a cheapest price we have on the internet ? Just a question … no need to neg.
    Im looking to get one for missus Christmas.


    Quite a bargain…..but…..

    Asics Australia seems to have a sale on now -


    From $215 to $139.50 with a larger range of colours (yes, four colours in total LOL)

    I added to cart and the estimated shipping to Sydney CBD 2000 was…..>ZERO!

    Probably better deal buying direct, no merchant fees from credit card, no international shipping….

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    Forget the above…..seems the compay is trading from China and untrustworthy


    The AUS25 voucher doesn't work for me…cheapest I can get it is $146?


      I added a 26" MTB tube then got the discount,ended up at about $122 all up.
      Have you tried that?
      I needed a spare tube anyway so it worked out good for me.


        My uni degree has failed me once again (are they good for anything?)

        I added the tube and got $126. Then changed to GBP and all up $119 (74.57 GBP) :D

        Awesome deal for Kayano 17's!!


    damn! no size 10!


    Has anyone got these yet??


    I got mine on Wednesday and I ordered them on the day I posted the deal, so the 13th.


      Did you get the priority delivery or whatever it was called?
      I ordered on the 13th as well,still no sign of mine.

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