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Nexgard Spectra XL Red 30.1-60kg 6 Pack $72.91 (after 20% off Auto-Delivery) @ Budget Pet Products


Got this in an email today, looks like there’s 5% off with auto-delivery and you can stack a further 20% off in this sale period, looks to be ~$15 cheaper than other sites that are usually the lowest.

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  • Same price a PetCircle.

    • NOPE!!! it is 89.24! so not same price!

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    It seems Amazon has it the same or slightly cheaper for some dog sizes.

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    Anyone compared this to the big 5?

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      Someone highly recommended Big 5 which was 50% off from Budget Pet Products in a previous post.

      • wish I had seen big 5 before I purchased Nexgard, wuld have giving it a go. Maybe next time. FYI the reg price is very expensive compared to pet circle - 116.85 vs 89.99

        • Why do you think big 5 would be any better? Is it because it's cheaper?

          I chose Nexgard Spectra because it looks like it's easy to give (looks to be a tasty treat). Hope my precious likes it.

          • @pencilman: All I can go by is ingredients and what the box says. One of my dogs 🐕 eats anything the other refuses much including spectra, have to force it down her throat as I can’t hide it she eats around then spits the chew/pill out 😝

    • Monthly price wise this is a little more.
      But seems to cover everything.

      I previously used Revolution, but it's a topical application and on my very furry dog I couldn't be sure I was applying it correctly to the skin.

      Never tried Nexgard Spectra - hopefully it will be well tolerated and work well.

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        My dog just thinks it's a treat, but I know some dogs can tell if something has medications in it

  • I purchased the Large 12 pack for 166.25 (now 164.35) and with the 1st time delivery 20% off and the auto delivery 10% off my final cost was 133.00 (will be a few dollars less now). Petcircle price is 173.00!

    • I did too! What dog do you have?
      I've got a Malamute, so got the extra Large pack.

      • 2 Standard schnauzer’s. Approx 21k each.