TV Toss-up - Sony X9500H, Samsung X95T or LG CX

Hi all,

Time's come to replace my aging 42" Samsung Plasma (PD-427HD) warhorse and enter the 4K age.

Usage is mostly BR movies through PS3, FTA/DVR through PlayTV on PS3, Streaming (Netflix, Prime Video, iView, Disney+) through Chromecast Ultra.

After looking around and doing my research, I've narrowed it down to the following three:

Sony 55 X9500H - $1943 - JB Solutions Union Shopper
Samsung 55 X95T - $2624 Samsung EPP
LG 55 CX - $2831 - Good Guys Commercial

I'd probably pick up a Nvidia Shield and HDHomeRun at the same time for DVR and streaming duties

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  • 24
    Sony 55" X9500H
  • 2
    Samsung 55" X95T
  • 12
    LG 55" CX


    • First place I looked. X95T isn't out in the States so hard to do a comparison there.

      • The Q95T is the Q90T with the One Connect box for gapless wall mounting. It has the same panel and everything, just comes with the One Connect box instead.
        So, the rtings review for the q90t would be applicable.

  • If it's going to be in a room with high ambient lighting, go with the Sony. Otherwise if it's going to be dark, go with the LG.

  • HDHomeRun combined with Plex Server and NVidia Shield is brilliant for TV streaming/recording. Good luck getting one though. None in Aus and no one can say when/if they'll be bringing them out here again.

  • You mentioned everything else except your viewing preferences.

    If you want best picture and not worried about burn in and having to dim lights/close curtains to get best picture then LG oled.

    If you want to save money or not worried about the absolute best picture, or watch TV mainly in a bright room then anything else.

  • CX is a different league both in performance and price. If you can afford the OLED, OLED is FAR superior.

    I paused on a dark scene and when I got back, I actually thought the TV was off save a few details. That's how deep black the blacks are.

  • Before you choose, have a read of this online article:

    On its webpage intended for business partners, Samsung boasts that is has 50 million Smart TVs in operation and that it has the "industry’s largest ACR data set".

    What is ACR? It is short for Automatic Content Recognition and it means that the TV uses identification technology to analyze and recognize the content displayed on the screen at any time. It is used to build a personal profile of you and your interests in order to serve "native ads on the home screen" and "video ads on Samsung TV Plus" as well as ads "on the biggest to the smallest screens". In other words ads that venture beyond your TV.

    • This is why I would never connect a TV to the internet. Always use a media box of some sort.

    • While not something that would concern me, I've always been of the belief that targeted advertising/tracking/anything like that should legally be opt in only.

      • They've probably covered their arses by including it in the lengthy TOS during setup when they ask you to create or sign in to a Samsung account.

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    Buy the Sony and upgrade your sound system with the extra cash.

  • You've done your research but your choice is coming down to two very different kinds of TVs?

    OLEDs are fairly average to outright bad if they're in a bright room, they're also very glossy so things will reflect off of them.
    While the LEDs you've listed have great blacks, there's still a noticeable glow in a dark room, which is where OLEDs shine best.

    I'm also curious why you're not considering the LG BX, it's fundamentally the same as the CX, same panel, better angles, just negligibly worst image processing imo.

    If I'm reading it correctly, you can pick it up for $2201 on eBay through Appliance Central if you have/purchase eBay Plus, which is only $49, $2250 total before postage(if necessary). I admit I could be wrong about the eBay Plus discount, it says badged items only & I haven't seen any badges so I don't know what to make of it.

    If you are set on the CX, it's cheaper through the Good Guys eBay store, they have 15% off with code PGGUYS15, so $2545, much cheaper than the commercial price.

    • The CX is brighter than the BX and handles upscaling better too I think.
      Also the stand looks studier which is a factor for me with little ones about.

      • Looks stable & actual stability can be very different- the BX is more centred so it might actually be harder to tilt forward/backward. Maybe go to Harvery Norman & give em a bit of a wobble :P

        The brightness seems like a reasonable choice to go with the CX, especially in a bright room, but the difference in image processing isn't worth the several hundred dollars difference imo.

        Either way, if history is anything to go buy, the BX & CX should hit around $1500-1800 respectively around Black Friday or Boxing Day as it did last year to the B9 & C9 & the year before.

  • Definitely wait for black Friday deals if you can.

  • ebay has the 55" X9500H Sony at $1865+ 35 postage with their 15% off good guys: Very tempting… but Black Friday is usually worth the wait and will be cheaper I guess.

  • Important note about the Sony X9500H is that it doesn't support HDMI 2.1.

    HDMI 2.0 = 4K resolution at 60 FPS
    HDMI 2.1 = 4K resolution at 120 FPS

    Samsung has 1 hdmi 2.1 port
    LG has 4 (all) hdmi 2.1 ports.

  • I don't play games, and just picked up a 75"" X9500H. Holy Smoke, it's awesome coming from a 55" Soniq TV that was 5 years old. It was even better after a calibration.

    Had a choice between this and an 65 LGCX OLED. I didn't like the way the OLED looked watching the Rugby state of origin.