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Samsung Galaxy A11 4G $1 Per Month on 12 Month Vodafone Plan (from $35/Month)


Changed my sim only to 12 month contract and got the phone for just $1 per month (usually $21/month).

If you cancel then you have to pay the full cost of handset.

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  • The remaining balance is calculated by taking the undiscounted RRP of $252 divided by your device repayment period (for example 12, 24 or 36 months) and multiplied by your remaining months.

  • Looks like $40 per month is lowest plan FYI

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      Actually they got a promo on for $35 instead of $40 for 30gig a month….

      Very tempting…

      Anyone got OzB feedback on the phone though? I know this is a tough bunch and everyone will just be blunt as :)

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        Great phone for calls, texts and the occasional YouTube. 5000mah battery. Other than that it can be categorised as a beater phone.

  • Wish I could just pay for the phone

  • What is the full cost

    • Normally $21/month for the 12 month plan…

      • No, the cheapest plan is $35 a month

        • It was $21/month for the phone cost.. plus then the minimum monthly rate

          It is now $1/month +$35/plan fee

      • where do you get $21

          • @CereaL: is that how much it is if you cancel it?

            • @asa79: I'm assuming $21*number of months remaining?

              That's what the CIS says.. no exit fees… Just pay off the remainder of the handset cost.

              Maybe contact Vodafone via their website and find out exactly.

              I don't work for Vodafone so I can't give you an accurate answer.

              • @CereaL: well asking as you havent stated what the cost is in the post

  • How much can you sell the phone for? Is it even worth $200?

    • Not worth $200, but you could probably sell it unopened for less than $149.

  • No longer available.

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