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Original Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus LED View Cover $39 | Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Leather Cover $39 Shipped @ Phonebot



Clearing these two products.
Lowest price so far available anywhere, verified on Staticice, Getprice, eBay etc

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus LED View Cover $39 Shipped $89

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Leather Cover $39 Shipped $89

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  • Hey OP, any deal for the Note 8? My alcantara cover is really getting worn for nearly 3 years of usage. Thanks.

  • Whoever came up with a white cover with while leds is a bit special…

    I do like these covers though. Had one on my note 8, went with the clear view on my note 10+. Prefer the LED one TBH.

  • Currently using a Spigen. Wonder how good is the protection.

  • Does the flip part stay closed or latch to the phone?

  • Just checked out a review on this cover for Note 10 plus.. It looks like it doesn't show when text messages come in only calls. Anyone have one of these that can confirm otherwise. Seem to be very odd if it doesn't show up txt.

    Also as the front cover is attached its probably going to get in the way when shooting pictures horizontally as you have it flapping down. Suppose you would get use to it.

    • I was reading a Samsung thread and people are saying that it will only show notifications for Samsung's native messaging app and no other messaging app.

      • Ok that makes sense. So the FB ones wont likely appear. Liked the thought of these covers, but it totally hides the Aura glow finish. There is a led back cover as well that I have seen. Currently just have the clear case and screen protector on my phone which works. Also looks like there is no magnetic catch to keep front cover closed, so there is the potential for cover to open on the way down if you drop it and the top and bottom. edges are not fully protected. Seem compromised for protection.