Spotify Family Premium Is Increasing from $17.99 to $18.99 Per Month

Spotify Family Premium is increasing from $17.99 to $18.99 per month

Now works out to $38 per year per person.

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  • [email protected][email protected]$ (hmm, that would make a great [email protected]$$w0rd)

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      Better than Hunter1?

      • Better than what? That just showed up as "Better than *******" for me.

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        *hunter2 ;)

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    They need some way to pay Joe Rogan

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        Not a boomer but I take my OzB Badge seriously. Giving people the alternatives.

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          It is clearly 2 different things, Radio has ads and you cannot even decide what song you want, With Spotify even the free version at least you can chose your song, Premium is for those who want no ads and no interruptions to their music listening sessions and for those who want to listen through their phone and connect bluetooth devices etc.

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            It is clearly 2 different things

            I see my money all the same. Don't throw good money after bad. There is no bad money, the only bad money is obviously the one you send good money after.

            Can you imagine life without Spotify? Problem is a lot of people can't but I can assure you Spotify isn't an essential.

            • @netjock: Life without Spotify sounds worse than life with Spotify, for $18 I'm not complaining.

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            @jayboi: TripleJ doesn't have ads :)

            • @NatoTomato: Then you have to ring the station to make a song request, then you don't know when it will get paid.

              You know the price you pay for instant gratification.

              • @netjock: Instant gratification is what's wrong with our generation :)

                If you really want to be happy, you wait through Tash Sultana, Drake and Confidence Man to get to Skeggs and the Duneys.

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                  Instant gratification is what's wrong with our generation :)

                  I prefer not to use the "W" word as people have severe allergic reaction to it, they literally blow up, go red, then purple and off like an atomic bomb.

                  I am not boomer but finding a song you like coming on the radio makes me surprised and happy.

                  People now have music and video on demand and complain about not being able to find new stuff to listen to / watch. Unusual times.

              • @netjock: Requesting a song then expecting to be paid for it is what's wrong with your generation! LOL, yup I know it's a typo… just don't want it to go unnoticed that you cocked up… :)

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                  @mikzter: At least it is a free cock up. You could make mistakes in life that cost money over a lifetime.

        • Not a music fan i see.

          • @Dagwood-Dog: Not true, just that money is higher on the priority list.

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              @netjock: I get it, your more of a fan of money then music. That is what's wrong with your generation.

              • @Dagwood-Dog: Spotify now, living below the poverty line renting and on government pension later. Pick your poison.

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                  @netjock: Are you saying those that pay for a Spotify subscription will likely end up broke and relying on government welfare to survive?

                  • @magic8ballgag: Like everything it isn't one thing that will kill you but a contribution of multiple factors. Chop and change to your heart's desire.

                    Just in case you are being obtuse: you can afford many individual items when compared to your income, it is when you try to buy everything then you run out of money.

                    • @netjock: I wish I could afford a translator for the message you're trying to share.

                      • @magic8ballgag: That is why I work for people who you willingly give your money away to without much resistance.

                        Never make it obvious when it is a robbery, that gets you in jail.

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      once you go paid spotify, its very hard to go back to non-payment spotify.. let alone normal radio

      • Think of it as being on JobKeeper, moving down to JobSeeker and now JobSeeker lower rate! Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

  • Wh3n does the new fee start?

  • I recently got the confirm address request for my plan. Anyone had issues with people on their plan not living at the same address?

    Curious becuase at some point post pandemic someone on my plan is going to be living elsewhere about 70% of the time.

  • Time to sign up internationally if you haven't already.

  • If you're an idiot like me and were sharing the family plan with one other person then be advised they have a duo plan for $15.99!

    • in the classifieds section of ozbargain you can find loads of people wanting a spot on the family account or have one available.

      once upon a time i was part of one started here for 3 years, until i could find 5 "family" members to share mine with.

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      Surely this is new?! Thanks for the tip thou!

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    Philippines Spotify was the cheapest and still could be (sign up with a VPN and a random Philippines address).

    • Might need to jump onto that, thanks!

    • Easy to sign up in PH - works out <$6 AU - but how do you pay?

      My existing PayPal shows up as AU and Spotify says PH sub and AU payment don't match
      AU credit cards - denied

      Please share how you pay for the subscription - Thank You

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        Citibank debit card.

        • Tahnks for that - must be that PayPal / Spotify don't identify Citibank as AU specifically
          I have set up a TransferWise account and they are sending me a debit card
          Have transferred in AU to PH enough for 6 months - going to give that a try when card arrives and report back in

          • @Noblejoker: Hi, can you elaborate a little bit more on how to get that citibank debit card? I am trying to sign up to spotify in PH but all my cards get rejected and can't create a paypal account because it is asking me for a mobile phone number to verify.

    • says "You seem to be using a proxy service. Please turn off these services and try again. For more help, please contact customer service."

  • Good thing I use a Mexican family plan, out of pocket about $2 a month.

    • Do all members have to enter the Mexican address and have vpn on or is this only for the main account holder?

      • I think so, it's my wife's account and she goes in with her friends.

  • Ezblocker

    No solution for Android without root. That I know of.

    Regardless. I pay my 1/6th ozbargain family contribution and find it is of amazing value.

  • Subscription subscription… the new status… how many subscriptions do you have?

    Rediscover the beauty of your old LPs, DVDs. Download the music. Why are you shackled to subscription subscription then have the audacity to complain?

    • It's definetely cheaper then buying 10 new release albums LPs, Cds a month for say an average $400. And then maybe listening to one or two songs off each album. Some you might not even like and never listen again. Sometimes you want to listen to them whilst at the park or the beach! Imagine that.

      Well worth the price of admission for a heavy music buyer.

      If I Really like the album then I buy it. But I've still saved my self hundreds of not thousands over the past 6 years or so I've had it.

  • download it to your own plex server (free), run PlexAmp (free, but may require plex pass and thus disqualify), and have all the music free?

    Can not confirm if a Plex pass if required to make that work though :(

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      Spotify pay artists - not enough but they do pay
      Download music is easy but doesn't support artist at all
      Spotify at reduced rates pays the artist and I would prefer that

  • Anyone have a payment method that works in Philippines
    I tried Transferwise with Phi currency but no go
    Anyone with a credit/debit card that works?
    AmEx Maybe?

    • I'm on the same boat. I have also tried with a latam card but nothing works for phillipines. I have also tried signing up for spotify premium in argnetina, which is cheaper than philippines, but they ask for a national id number, and faking it doesn´t seem to work.

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