Sinden Light Gun - USB ( Works with LCD TV's )

Hi All, I discovered this item last week on ETA Prime, which looks great. Ideal for Time Crisis, House of the Dead, DuckHunt, etc.

Of course you must own a licensed copy of these games, if you used with Mame etc

Pricing and Information is here, however Australia was not listed as one of the destinations. Hopefully, they are only supplying certain areas, and it's not a customs issue/banned in certain states etc. You can lodge an interest of what you would purchase here
Price start at $145 each (plus shipping)

Would you be interested in one of these, at current pricing?

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    Yes - because the guy who made this has it all under his own IP, and i think its great to support people who have creatively come up with a solution to playing these games again. All the reviews say the response is amazing, and with emulation, there are a tonne of games that would be awesome to play on a big modern tv.

    No - Because the price is still quite high, and apparently Sinden makes batches of these at a time, so you'll end up on a wait list. Hopefully they will set a target and due to demand, the prices will come down. I wonder if the company is assembling them all in the UK, to avoid having it done on china and sold for $15 on aliexpress, and being unable to do anything about it. And I've already got enough peripherals and controllers. I'll wait for the sub ~$50 prices in 2-3 years. Hopefully good compatibility with time crisis/point blank and ps1/2 emulators.

  • Would love to see a recoil variant that's totally wireless.

    • Did they ever make a home recoil? I used to have one that vibrates

      • I have some after market ones that recoiled. The top slide action would snap back each time you pressed the trigger… they looked like Desert Eagles 50 cal hand guns…

        • I read up a bit looked like quality recoil requires around 25-50w

          • @jackinyourbox: The ones I have are very similar to this one for the PS2.(Same brand, just a slightly different model). They have a USB connection to power the recoil part of the gun where the top slide action that would be used to load the gun (if it were real) slides back each time the trigger is pulled.

          • @jackinyourbox: Throw a 21700 in the handle!

  • you'll probably get into trouble importing these - I wish they sold a kit

    • They arent shipping the black models to Aus and NZ, only the blue and red kits. Shouldn't be an issue really.

  • So he's still working on the recoil version as there was a minor issue. I was a kickstarter backer of this and am so looking forward to receiving mine. From everything I've seen, this does a fantastic job of playing games with its simple border trick. If you're into these kind of games, go for it!

  • Awesome but a little out of impulse range buying.
    Still fit a few rounds in on the local arcade's point blank machine when i get an itch for guncon action.

  • Did anybody end up buying one of these? I believe he now ships to Australia.

  • Ordered 2 recoil models back in Feb, Still waiting for shipping.

    • Have you got your sindens yet mate?

      • Not just yet. My order is in the 10,700's. I checked their updates on the website and their goal for this week is dispatching orders 9500-10000. I expect within the next 2-3 weeks it should get sent.

      • They're in the mail. Tracking indicates theyre about to hit Australia. Customs better not mess me around.

      • +1

        Got them, working ok so far. Setup is a little finnicky

        • +1

          Awesome. I'd be interested in hearing a review from you when you you have given them a thorough play test.

  • I am considering getting 2 of the normal non-recoil guns. Trying to cover myself with written correspondence with QLD Police and Home Affairs first. Spent $300 on Suzo Happ light guns around 2015 for customs to make me agree to them being destroyed due to not getting the permit before they had already arrived in Australia.

    • And Qld allows Gel Blasters?

      Good Luck with this.

    • I havent teed anything up and I wont be letting customs make me agree to destroy them. They're clearly for video game use - they don't look anything like a real gun, they have a 10 foot cord attached, theyre red and blue.

  • I was looking at buying some… but now considering just playing it with EmuVR and the quest 2.

    The real downer is that since home light guns went the way of the dodo… there’s not been any new games for them since the Dreamcast/PS2

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