AMD Zen 3 - Live Stream of Launch & Waitlist Details

Waitlist link:

Our version of the Livestream…

Not the best quality, couldn't get it to stream better than 720p on FB. We will however be linking to our waitlist during the stream. Didn't have time to work it out but will have to use YouTube next time for higher quality stream. If you're after higher quality stream watch the official AMD YouTube stream below

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    Rough guesstimate on prices. Exchange rate * 10% GST * 5% import duties (rounded up slightly):

    5950x $799 USD ~ $1299.00 AUD
    5900x $549 USD ~ $899.00 AUD
    5800x $449 USD ~ $739.00 AUD
    5600x $299 USD ~ $499.00 AUD

    Pricing is a guess only. No official word on pricing in Aus yet. Likely to change closer to launch.

    • Any official word on AU pricing yet?

  • Pumped for Techfast going forward ! I suspect I may get a new PC after many many years.

  • Was there any comparison between Zen 2 and Zen 3 in productivity, it seems they only talk about gaming performance in the presentation?

    • As far as I remember they only showed single core cinebench… It was insanely fast so I can only imagine it will be a massive improvement for multi-threaded productivity as well…

      Looking forward to 3rd party benchmarks.

  • +3

    Pumped to get older Ryzen 3600 for under $200 bux. I may upgrade my PC after all!!!

    • Yup

  • Can't wait to get my 5900x or 5950x haven't really decided yet. Probably will go 5900x money wise. Only a few days to go. 🤣

  • Updates ? I waitlisted for Ryzen 5900x, is it available, position in the queue ?

  • I guess TechSwich did not get any CPU at all. All just smoke. Not nice.

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