Need advice on car damage from tree cutters

Hi, I need advice on what to do from here

My car was parked on the road just outside my work (warehouse). The warehouse next door hired two guys to cut some branches off a tree that's 3-4 metres in front of my car. Without my permission or common sense these guys placed a wooden pallet on top of the bonnet. Apparently their boss gave them the OK to place the pallet on my car. My bonnet and front bar sustained some minor damages from the pallet and a massive branch falling on it. They were very rude and refused to co-operate when they were confronted by my boss and colleague (I wasn't there at that time). They sped off just as the police arrived. The police couldn’t do much since there were no major damages to my car. I have the tradies’ business details, rego of their truck & van and video footage of the pallet and branch falling down.
My car only has 3rd party insurance.

What are my options from here?

Thanks in advance


  • If you don't have insurance and the tree guys clearly aren't going to cooperate then solicitor is the only choice.

  • Get a few quotes and then send a letter of demand for the amount. They are probably not insured for what they did.

    Small claims court will be next.

    No need for lawyers if you are calm and collected and keep good records.

    • I was thinking of doing this, thanks for the clarification

    • Quote: "The warehouse next door hired two guys to cut some branches off a tree…"
      If your assertion is correct, you should also send a letter of demand to the warehouse who hired them. You have the choice of claiming from the warehouse or the two guys or both the warehouse & the 2 guys collectively.

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    Wtf? What is with tree loppers, they all seem to be bogan dropkicks in my experience. Who puts a pallet on someone elses car.. you NEVER touch someone elses car without permission. Don't let them get away with it, take them to court if you have to.

  • You could try approaching the warehouse who hired them. Are you sure they weren't working for the council?

    • Was able to have a quick word with them before they left and they did hire them. According to my colleagues, at least one of them were recording the event since my car's alarm had been going off that whole time.

  • video footage of the pallet and branch falling down.

    Please upload the vid. This could be priceless.

  • Vid, or it didnt happen

  • Hopefully they have public liability insurance you can get them to claim against.

  • Unfortunately, your insurance gives you no coverage in this situation. I've been in a similar situation where my third party, fire and theft did not cover someone breaking into my car, smashing it up, and leaving the car as is, without moving it. That made me very upset and I've never had any other insurance but full comprehensive since then.

    You will have to chase them through a small claims tribunal. To do this you will probably need to get your car fixed, keep all receipts and footage/photos and eventually you should be reimbursed.

  • I'd go after the warehouse next door as it would be easier and more likely to get your damages covered by them. They can't really run away from their own warehouse. Let them chase the tree cutters for money. They may have not paid the invoice yet so may have chances in deducting damages from their invoice.