Advice - Selling a PS5 First Shipment Console

Hi all,
This is not a listing or sale, just looking for advice:

I was lucky enough to secure a first shipment PS5 console from Sony Aus. I have an email confirming the first shipment. I also got a media remote and dual sense charging dock.

I have seen the prices for these on eBay, and am tempted to list mine as I don’t min waiting until next year to play the PS5 if it means making a bit of profit.

All the listings I see are obviously just pre orders, and pictures of the emails etc, but I don’t want to get into the position where I list it, it gets bought and then cancelldd when the buyer finds a cheaper alternative.

I am thinking of waiting until I have them in my hands to list them for sale, but would that be too late, and should I list it now to get a higher price?

And advice welcome and appreciated.


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            @sir-screwball: Everyone is the greatest human being alive when it comes to hypotheticals. Only one single person ever did that in the classifieds out of the whole site.

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    You must've either missed this thread or can't read the room.

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    OP must have been on something at the time to post this question on here lol

    But if you want to do the "unthinkable", wait until you have the item on hand and then list it on Gumtree or eBay at fixed price, no auction cause you're gonna get trolled

    Also, this community is weird, everyone is so against selling above RRP for profit, but they're all for bullying the poor RTX 2000s owners to get used card as cheap as possible, below what it's actually worth imo

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      You know "I do everything for my family, you do everything for charity" mentality.

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    Sell it NOW

    no easier way of making 50k :D

    • A scam for 99.99% for sure

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    Hope you do get scammed :)

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    I find it odd how much everyone here is against someone selling a product above rrp, but happy to jump on a price error that a company is almost certainly losing money on. I have a launch shipment PS5 coming, and although I have been waiting a long time, already have a stack of ps4 games waiting to be played (only had an Xbox this gen), as well as wanting to play Miles Morales on launch, I have definitely considered the option of making a few hundred bucks and waiting a couple of months for my PS5. I probably won't sell it, but i don't see why the hate on someone doing it. People buying 10's and selling above rrp is questionable morals. Someone deciding they would rather wait a couple of months and profit on their allocation is just taking advantage of an available market.

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      Yeah, people think taking advantage of businesses is fine - and let's not use the large business excuse here (furthermore why does that make a difference apart from justifying your bad morals with tall poppy syndrome?), there have been plenty of small companies that have gotten smashed.. then they bad talk the company afterwards when the company doesn't want to sell their item for $50 below cost price.

      The exact same people then call the police when someone goes through completely legitimate means to buy and sell an item.. so morally wrong!

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        The issue is only a problem when their predatory behavior makes it such that others miss out en-masse.

        For example:

        If someone uses bots to grab as many release-day consoles as possible and auctions them off for way over MSRP, then that person is morally wrong.

        If someone has a preorder but doesn't really have the money, accidentally buys two whilst shopping around, whatever it may be, and they make 100 bucks or something selling the 2nd one, I (and I think most others) have no issue with that.

        It's the difference between preying on people to make a profit versus a happy accident.

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          You're still preying on the business (probably some innocent worker who manages the website and made a genuine mistake) to make a profit.

          The issue has nothing to do with bots. Even when people don't use bots they are bashed.

          Buying lower than market price (especially deals that go OOS quickly) and selling for market price seems to be really convenient and moral to do when YOU are the one selling the item (insert excuse here about how you decided you didn't want to use it anymore), but when other people do it it's 'predatory'.

          Where's the proof that anyone botted? There isn't..

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            @takutox: How did you miss the point so badly?

            The two situations I put forward are examples only. They're designed to illustrate the difference between what most (not all, but the greater majority, I feel) would consider to be morally corrupt versus something that would be on the safe side of the grey section.

            One is predatory in nature, the other is fairly benign and harmless.

            One sucks all the fun, enjoyment, excitement out of the release, the other doesn't even make a blemish against it.

            One of them is designed to deny people a product only to offer it to them later that day at a significant personal mark up, the other literally is a mistake or accident that puts a few extra dollars in someone's pocket at no loss to the company.

            One is something that a person planned, put effort and time into, for their own personal gain, the other was literally just happenstance and not intended to be repeated.

            Do you get the point?

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              @sir-screwball: You see, you're talking from the business point of view when there's a price error as it being "happenstance" and not intended to be repeated.

              You're looking from the wrong perspective. From the customer's perspective, they planned, put effort and time into (arguable and if they didn't that makes it even worse), for their own personal gain to exploit the price error.

              It's fun and games for you as ozbargainers exploiting the company, it's not so fun for the company and the person who is now on bad performance for having made the mistake and receiving 10000 orders they now have to manually go through. Now the company has to decide to retract and backlash, as well as dedicating resources to fix this error, or honour and lose money (as goodwill so reputation is not marred).

              How can you not see I'm talking from the customer's point of view from both scenarios?

              You are fully aware there is a bug in the system, but your morals instead of making them aware is to take advantage of it. That is the true definition of predatory. There's someone else's profit and livelihood on the other end of any business; them being more successful does not warrant screwing them over.

              Really, you can't have it both ways. It's proof that your morals bend when it benefits yourself, with all sorts of justifications. The only reason you hate people making profit is because it's not you.

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                @takutox: I may be misinterpreting the way you're choosing to write but why do you keep saying that I'm the only person I'm okay with making a profit?

                I think that in my entire life, I've "flipped" one thing for a profit of maybe a couple hundred dollars and that's because I bought it crashed and broken and rebuilt it myself and sold it for close to market value so even then one could argue that my labor was barely compensated for.

                I don't trawl for release day shit to on-sell. My thoughts and opinions on this topic that I've offered here are from the perspective of a "victim" of these scalpers. I'm not trying to justify why they're morally right. I was trying to provide perspective as to where I think the line is when it comes to what is okay and not okay when reselling items.

                Anyway, thanks for the conversation.

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                  @sir-screwball: You said taking advantage of price errors wasn't predatory - I explained why it is.

                  You then ignored my response and changed the topic.

                  Yep, thanks.

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    I've got two as well, as neither were able to be confirmed as launch day initially, but now have. I didn't buy intending to scalp.

    I'm planning to sell the 2nd for 850, purely to fund the ridiculous price of launch day titles.

    Of course, it may seem scummy, but at the end of the day this is a pure discretionary item that was easily obtainable if you were on the ball, unlike the RTX 3080. They were both ordered at around 10am, well after preorders opened. If there are people willing to pay, (and for an extra 100 I don't think I'll have any problems at all) then that's on them, I'm not an idiot trying to get over 1000.

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      Same here. Just one thing if I’m being honest though, they weren’t that easy to obtain for a lot of people. It was an early morning surprise announcement that sold out by 8am in WA, before many in that state had even woken up. In fact, it only lasted that long because no one knew about it. So I can understand the frustration.

      How have you confirmed that they are definitely launch day? Are you going to sell on eBay? Because with seller fees and postage, you may end up making a loss.

      • No, probably local pick up. One is for launch day pick up, and one for delivery so probably within a few days

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    scalper detected

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    You actually have the audacity to essentially ask for scalping advice here, a community that is built on trying to help people save money. If you want to sell it, that's your call, but don't come here asking for advice. You're not going to find it here.

    • We just want OP to do a pricing error.

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    people who are blasting the OP for trying to make profit while playing by the rules of a free market economic system - do you in general prefer a centrally planned economy or just when it comes to fresh releases of gaming consoles?

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      Capitalism for me, communism for everyone else. That is the dog eat dog society we live in.

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        You know being selfish is a choice right?

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          Yep, it's a choice when other people get a benefit

          It's a right when it comes to your own benefit

          That's why Tall Poppy Syndrome is such a huge problem here

          • @takutox:

            That's why Tall Poppy Syndrome is such a huge problem here

            That is why we're an agricultural economy. We take so much pleasure in cutting things down.

        • It's a shame capitalism and the laws that accompany it don't seem to be.

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        Unless you happen to gain more from communism of course.

        • For the free riders they do. If you believe your productivity is only $20k then you should really look into it because it is more beneficial when those on $80k needs to split with you down the middle.

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    I am thinking of waiting until I have them in my hands to list them for sale, but would that be too late, and should I list it now to get a higher price?

    If you want to be safe, wait till you have the item. If you cannot resist and really want to list early, make sure you are aware of all options buyers have at their disposal. Don't get all upset when the buyer decided to cancel prior. Be prepared for the worst. There are also hackers hacking people's eBay accounts.

    Asking us for advice is not that useful. We are not responsible for your actions.

  • Do it Broden.
    Also, try to order more and do the same. :)

    tongue firmly in cheek

  • Step one: don't do it.

    Even if you get the money via PayPal, they can return you an empty box and you will have to refund them up to 6 months later.

    What you're doing is bad karma and you will most likely get scammed.

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    Hey OP, what I did was list a ridiculous buy it now price on eBay with offers open and then set up my listing to automatically reject offers below x amount. I also set my listing to require payment in full immediately. When an offer came through that I liked I changed the price and had them purchase it. I also used a $1 final value fee offer.

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      PM me if you would like more info, this place is a cesspool of salty people who can't deal with not getting a preorder.

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        Yes everyone else is wrong, it couldn't possibly be your actions!

        • I'm glad you understand.

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    Typical scalper mentality. If you didn't mind waiting then you shouldnt have put in a deposit and let someone who actually wanted it take it instead. Stop being such a disgrace to humanity. Rooting for you to get scammed.

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      Can see and taste your tears from here.

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          Yep, I'm scum for doing what every business in the world does. Reselling items for a profit.

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          This is a pure discretionary item and the price it should sell for should be exactly what people will pay for it, I'd agree with you on the premise if we were talking about essential items, but people aren't going to be disadvantaged or going to die if they don't get one for 3-4 months, and if they want the right to purchase one early for a bit extra, why not?

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            @kille745: Capitalism is awful when someone charges you market value for something you want.

            Things ought to be free, or at least heavily discounted.

  • If you haven't place your pre-order earlier last month, you will definitely not be getting one until 2021.

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    So, I thought I'd change the scenario a little bit.

    Now, I have not been following the PS5 release by any means, but let's take the RRP to be AU$749.95. Miraculously, there's an Ozbargain post for a 30% discount before release (hypothetically), coming to AU$524.95. Retail stock is limited, as they are now. You manage to get your order in, receive order confirmation, and you even have a shipping confirmation. For whatever creative reason you come up with, 2-days before arrival you decide you no longer need it anymore, and can't be refunded anymore.

    So, do you onsell the unit for RRP, or do you sell it for the 30% discounted rate? What would you do? and why?

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      Like from the other thread, people will say "intent" is all that matters, whilst ignoring the fact they are profiting a few hundred dollars. They did not "intend" to make the few hundred dollars (despite setting up the listing knowing they are going to make a profit), thus feel it's ok to make any amount they want. Most were saying they'd sell at the market rate ($1200) because their intent when buying was pure. This is the only real answer you'll get to the question and it's twisted logic used to justify essentially doing the exact same thing as scalpers.

      This was the same answer from everyone.

      It's like buying a ticket, then standing outside and reselling a ticket for 200% of the price. Yet it's ok because "I was going to go, maybe, I swear! My intent is pure!!"

      There's basically zero explanation except for tall poppy, I can profit because I'm a good person, but God forbid that you profit because you're evil

      • HAHAHAHA~!

        Sorry, I just read through some of the discussion on the other thread that you started.

        I'm not really fussed about either perspective, but I think I'll refrain from discussing it any further here. I'll bookmark that thread for some late-night reading.

  • I'd sell it on gumtree or fb marketplace cash only. Good luck with yo sale

    • Probs want do in police station or op might get robbed.

      • Done plenty of large transactions before, a public place usually suffices

  • OP - 'this is not a sale thread'

    Also OP - These are the accessories that come with the deal

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    Hoping to buy one from Broden, the original PS4 king.

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    Meh, a lot of haters in here.

    I bought one too off amazon for delivery launch day, got caught up in the excitement and all. Now i'm kinda regreting it, its a lot of money for a toy.

  • Broden?

  • Extreme Capitalism Australia, the Greatest Race to the bottom.

    Presented to you by the Scalpers Association - making money off dummies since 1900

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      In a truly civilised country, everything would be free.

      NO exceptions.

      • Including yourself?

  • You should donate it to charity, or your mum!

  • Not really getting the hype around the PS5. I mean I was excited to do a pre-order, then I looked at the launch line up of games and nothing excited me, then I looked at what was coming in the first year and nothing was in the list that felt worth having the PS5 just sitting there waiting. I mean if there was a new Uncharted or Last of Us, or even a metal gear (RIP) game being released at launch i'd be pre-ordering like a mad man….

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    I wonder how many of the people who are berating the op are people who missed out on the first wave of orders (either because Sony messed up the preorder date or because they weren't quick enough to get their order in), yet still want to somehow get a PS5 on launch day for RRP?
    If you don't want to pay more for something that's in high demand and short supply, then either put more effort to get it or don't buy it.
    If no one buys from scalpers at an inflated price, then they won't sell at an inflated price.

    • Nah, I'd assume a lot of people that are posting here got thier preorders in - I think it's more because OP came here asking for advice on how to scalp it, if you don't know how not to get scammed while scalping something then maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place?

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        Actually a lot of them didn't according to their post history. For example, it looks like earth worm jim lied, but due to ego pretended he did get a preorder in. Almost all of them didn't get a preorder in as they were asking about if there were any ps5s left.

        So the assumption people didn't get preorders in and are angry about missing out is pretty correct.

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          I didn't nor was I planning to pre-order. I still think it's scummy. It has nothing to do with being salty.

          • @manbearpig: "a lot of them didn't"

            also, you're an eBay reseller. you're the last person who should be bad talking scalping. you're literally doing nothing except being a middleman when the person can buy for themselves for way less, and where you get digital game codes from is questionable.

            ordering from aliexpress or illegal key sites and reselling in aus ain't a value add. unless you are creating the products yourself you're literally a worthless middleman and only can operate because people aren't aware of the other source, taking advantage of unaware people.

            lining up at an Apple store for an iPhone or being within the first 5 mins to get a PS5 is

            lets not act like valueless flipping from markets in high stock is any better than scalping lmao

            you talk about fixing or adding value, wtf are you adding to the market apart from charging x times the amount when people can literally order your same sh*t with DHL for less

  • LOL MSI themselves were busted scalping their graphics cards on Ebay this way!

    The age old business mantra of preying on supply and demand.

    In any case, usually the first release of a new gen console is fraught with issues. Always wait for the slim or the super duper slim shady models.

    • Have you seen the ps5 teardown? Looks pretty well thought out and built. Good thing we have consumer law here in oz so won't really matter if your unlikely claim is to occur and people who got launch console will get free upgrades to the new improved consoles anyways. Win win.

  • If you don’t want to keep it why not just cancel so that the next person in line can have and enjoy it?

  • +1

    Funny thing I find with this, it isn't like he is selling a one off experience, like AFL Grand final tickets, ACDC tickets, Olympics where once its happened the opportunity has gone. We are talking about a PS5 which is mass produced. Whilst yes there isn't enough stock to go around in the first shipment, its not like the end of the world. If he wants to offer it for sale at a higher price than RRP then that is his choice, just like it is the person's choice whether they want to play the inflated price. Bigger issues in life than to worry about than this.

    • -1

      I think an innocent question got treated with malicious intent.

      Do the aggregated responses here constitute online bullying?

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