Steam Iron Recommendations < $100?

Tried to search, couldn't find a similar recent post (please direct if there is)
Looking for a steam iron <$100, anyone have recommendations for ones they have & work well?
The style you use on an iron board, not the handheld vertical types
Would be a plus if it works well with various types of materials - especially thin material


  • I use the Tefal Ultraglide Iron and it works well and price is around $70.

    For more delicate items I would use a garment steamer. I use a Sunbeam Power steamer for my suit jackets and more delicate items.

  • If you can stretch the budget, a steam station is one of the best investments I've made on this front. I detest ironing but got one at a boxing day sale over 5 years ago for half price ($150) and if it died, I'd replace it in a heartbeat, even at full price.

    Just at a quick look, there's one for $199 on Amazon but considering I'd go through a steam iron every 18 months to 2 years, I'd still be ahead.

    (Not vouching for this model specifically, just to give you an idea that its an iron, but steams really well)

    • What brand of steams irons were you buying?! My Philips steam iron is about 10 years old and still works as well as the day I got it. It was about $80.

  • I’ve been looking for one for years so I set up an alert on OZB about 2 years ago.
    I get a few steam gaming things but today I got you.
    Every time I get home from work and find the iron on I worry.

  • Just Buy 7.5$ Kmart steam Iron, it does the best job for years.

    • Did anyone purchase the kmart one or similar cheaper one? Ur negs show u didnt. This is more than enough for the poor man's ironing jobs. I used 2 in the last 10-years, I have no regrets at all.

  • I use Braun Texstyle 7, available for 129 at JBHiFi. Has the most reviews on productreview website. Award winner of 2017. You can check rating here

  • cheers all will check those options out!