Home Reno Melbourne

I will be doing a new bathroom and kitchen and carpets.
New to Melbourne, where is the best place to start/buy materials:
ie carpet for a 3bedroom house (installed and fitted).
ie new bathroom (should I buy a kit? and have tradies install it?)
ie Kitchen (Ikea or Bunnings or a cabinet maker?)

This is going to be a for a first home buyer, so I don't want to break the bank


  • Hey just curious, you're a first home buyer that just moved to Melbourne and bought a house?

    Also, I would think the answer to your question would be fairly similar no matter what city youre in, in Australia.

  • Do you have any DIY skills?

  • The build quality of the cabinets at Bunnings (Kaboodle) are better than the Ikea ones (as they have solid backs on the cupboards), but they are a bit more expensive. Forget a cabinet maker if you don't want to break the bank.

    First Choice Warehouse in Moorabbin. We got a lot of stuff from there for our last bathroom reno.

  • https://westerndistributors.com.au/

    For carpet, I recommend these guys. We got a full lounge/3 bedroom carpet for 1/4 of the price because it was not the correct colour

    • thank you

  • +1

    I am in the process of reno (90% finish on 2 bathrooms, kitchen and painting) and I bought many items from ebay. For appliances, kitchen sink and taps, bundle the purchase and negotiate with retailers to get a good price (do your homework). For paint, get to know your neighbours. Fortunately one of mine is a painter and i used his account to buy good quality paint at trade prices. Shop at gumtree for good prices too i.e. sinks, vanities, toilet bowls, taps, bathtub. I scored a new vanity sink for $20. There are lots of bargains around at the right time and place. Bunnings last resort as their price and markups are high.

  • Kitchen depends on the space you have. If you don’t have much space then avoid ikea at all costs. Plenty of cheap cabinet makers out there that will give you a better fit and finish. We tried to use ikea and it just didn’t fit cleanly in our space.