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GT Chair 07-35 Ergonomic Office Chair $799 + Delivery @ Retail Display Direct


Was hunting for an ergonomic chair for WFH and did some research on youtube. Find the GT chair really attractive especially the paddle shift control on the 07-35 series. So I decide to make a purchase and search around mwave and Jb hifi. Both indicate at $1099 and $1299 but require back order. than I find retail display direct that also has it $799 (they told me it a short term promotion) ,Basically cheapest you can find on web. So i ordered one and received in the next day, (very fast delivery !). The chair was very solid and has many adjustment you can change to suit your needs, what I like the most about this model is it paddle shift design, you dont need to bend forward to adjust tilt lock and height on your chair. It basically come pre-installed too, just need to put the wheels and gasket on. Overall Im quite enjoy working on this chair, i guess that why it cost 1k plus.

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    Not the best bargain. Looks very similar to an Ergohuman Plus Elite V2, which I got for $616 and is $699 at Temple & Webster.

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      don't think look is an important criteria when it comes to ergonomic chair

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      Be careful getting 'Ergohuman' from My Deal. I ordered one and it's fake.

      Arms and headrest have gone all wobbly. My Deal insist it's real but rebranded and they're checking on the factory for a remedy on my issues. It's only a few months old and paid $550.


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        The Fit iOO? Damn, was thinking of getting that from them as no one else in Australia has it in plain black.

        I would have preferred Temple & Webster as they've been around for a while with these things, but they have that weird patterned mesh.

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          I got a Fit iOO from mydeal for a month now. No problem so far.

            • @drew442: Your arm rest seems to be different with mine, Ergohuman Fit IOO Executive Office Chair. While I have another Ergohuman elite for about 10 years now, still serving its purpose.
              The IOO version seems replicate most of the elite design, but everything aluminium replaced with cheap plastic.

      • Not all Ergohuman is good quality, they have the cheaper class such as the Fit IOO.

        They are legfit Ergohuman but if you want the one with good quality, get the Plus Elite V2 at least…

        • The one that my deal sent me didn't say ergohuman, ergofit, ioo or anything on the box. The chair iteself says ComfortComfort…

        • So through my research wondering which were legit Ergohumans and their variations, I noticed the Fit IOO(think it was called Carlos) is actually slightly more expensive than the equivalent Ergohuman on the Taiwanese site. Everywhere else it's the opposite.

    • Note on the Ergohuman Plus Elite V2 - I got this chair about 5 years ago and it was the worst. It is literally unusable (ergonomically speaking) if you are under 6 foot tall. You are supposed to sit with your knees at about a 90-degree angle. The chair does not go low enough to achieve this, unless you are super tall or have freakishly long calves. The lowest setting it had was approximately the highest a normal desk chair goes.

      Also note - the advertised chair is a different make/model, but it does look identical.

      • I'm 5'7 and have no issues. Tbf i do have it just above the lowest height.

      • You can get a shorter replacement gas lift post, which has a lower height range.

        For classic:

        For elite / luxury:

        Having said that, I am 5'4 and also have no issues with the regular gas lift post (am borderline between the two, and they advised the regular post).

      • i find this an issue with a lot of high end chairs especially the ones with the multi tilt base… i think the extra multi-tilt mechanism increases the height of the chair itself…

        I have to use a footrest as well because of that…

    • My brother has the Ergohuman Plus Elite V2, but definitely the Gt Chair has more back support

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    2 years old article but don't think there's much changed

    • I like this quote. “People often ask me ‘what’s the best ergonomic chair?’, and I say ‘a wooden church bench’. Because you’ll feel so uncomfortable that you’ll have to get up after a half-hour”.

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      The chair is be comfort

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      because back is pain

  • Anyone know a place to get the headrest separate? I've been trying to get my hands on one for ages.

  • I'm using an older design from about 6 or 7 years ago where the seat and headrest uses foam padding among the mesh fabric. Foam is super thin these days (can feel the screw studs underneath.. ouch) and wanted to buy a replacement. Got an order with Kogan that I can cancel if I can find a better alternative.

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      I also have similar model. I assume yours has the same big issue that mine has which is the mesh feels really stiff and concaves inwards to the center as well. My rear gets quite sore on it causing me to feel like needing to lie down after hours seated which means seated periods doesnt feel relaxed or rested. Took me years to suspect it was the chair, looking for a new one now.

      • Yeah.. I think probably similar / same model. Getting sore in the back and bum side from sitting too long on it all day. Hence it's about time to replace..

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    I have got one from ZenSpace (they are Melb based), with headrest $798 ($1 dollar cheaper) ;)

    Depend on the delivery fee see which one is cheaper for your area.

    Same model same manufacture just rebranded with black metal frame.

    Forgot to mention, this chair is very comfortable if you like mesh chair.

    • Hey, with Save $150 with code OMEGADECEMBER, down to $648.00 with headrest

      • That's worth posting as a new deal.

        • This chair is still a rebrand from still a bit unknown brand, I would rather buy and test myself first (which is a long time till end of December).

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    I have one of these chairs - the red one - but exact same design. It's a very good chair and high quality. My wife next to me as the herman millar Mirra and I like this one better.

    • Planning to get the Dvary version one, any thoughts? not able to find much review on these GT chair though, but looking from function wise it looks these GT chair are really good.

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