Suggestions for Monitor Arms 34" Ultrawide

hi everyone,

i need some suggestions/assistance finding a monitor arm (preferrably a c-clamp type) i currently have a acer predator x34p i googled how much it weighs it apparently weighs about 6.7kgs without the stand. and i'm unable to find a good quality/sturdy monitor arm for it.

any help would be appreciated!


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    The North Bayou F80 Gas Strut Monitor Mount is pretty popular here, with a 9kg limit for the new models

  • Yep the NB F80.

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    I picked up a ZenSpaceDesks arm for my Acer Predator X34P with about the same weight as your monitor. Works really well, and looks very good too. Definitely not the cheapest around, but good quality.

    Just beware that their quick-connect system may not work, depending on how deep the VESA mounts in your monitor are.

    • did you buy the single monitor arm or the heavy duty one? and could you eleborate what a 'quick-connect system' means as i do have the same monitor as yours

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        Just the single monitor arm. The assembly video for a very similar model is here. The thing that doesn't work is the VESA bracket can be mounted on the Predator X34P, but you can't slide it onto the arm due to the deep recess on the VESA plate in the back of the monitor.

        So you effectively need to mount the whole arm to the back of the monitor, then lift the rod onto the desk mount. Thankfully the rod slides in pretty easily.

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          Awesome, thanks trankillity. If it's been working well for you. I might get this!

        • hey trankillity just to let you know i received my mount today! and i slid the vesa mount perfectly fine. i actually attached the vesa mount provided by acer! so it made it no longer recessed

          • @procrast8k: Ohh, I didn't even check in the monitor box! Makes sense that they'd have an extra mounting bracket as that recess is quite large!

            Glad to hear :)

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    I have both North Bayou F80 and North Bayou F100.

    F80 is a little short if you use a standing desk.
    F100 is perfect because it can go a lot higher, strong gas strut and also the same low as F80.

    • I got an F100A a couple of weeks ago and it's very sturdy and the cable management is very neat. Although considering the deal that just popped up for tomorrow on the F80 on Amazon, I'd probably go for that.

    • Seller said that the F80 is not compatible with monitors with recessed vesa mount.. Was thinking of picking it up for my AW3418D but the mount is recessed so I think I'll have to go with F100 as I was told by the seller that it support recessed vesa monitors.

      • I have the F80 attached to a Dell with a receded VESA mount. If your recess measures 120mm x 120mm and the holes are equally distributed within, then the F80 should fit.

      • WAIT! I had the exact same problem!

        If you recessed is 75x75 then it will not work for either F80 nor F100!
        Both of them are 100x100 default and will not fit into 75x75 if it is recessed by default, but it can be fixed by buying longer screws.

        My monitors are 75x75 recessed and both F80 and F100 with the provided screws do not work. I had buy separate M4 sized screws which were 20mm long to make it work.

        Both F80 and F100 VESA Plate is around 120*120mm, extra long screw is probably best.

        • So both F80 and F100 plates are the same size?? Why the the rep tell me that the F80 doesnt work with recessed and the F100 works then..

          If I get F80 during prime day I'll save like.. 50%!

          • @buckethat: Read the reviews, many people with recessed mounts either need to sand it down or buy longer screws.
            It is a common modification required.

            Buy it, try it… be prepared to buy longer screws.

            • @redslert: Ah fair enough, I ended up going for the F100a, I've read a few reviews that its a bit more study and has more metal parts. It's also rated for 12kg vs 9kg, though my monitor is only 7.2kg better safe than sorry i guess.

              Prefer not to use longer screws, I feel like that will add unnecessary tension on the mount. Thanks for the info!

  • I have one of these with my Xiaomi ultrawide:

    Works perfectly.

  • The rep for their store told me that their F100 will go on sale for $70 ish tomorrow with 381 in stock.

    I'm gonna grab myself one too.

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    Don't know why people like the NB; I reckon they're ugly as.

    I went for a Vivo

  • Late to the party, but I bought a North Bayou F80 during Prime Day for about $35…I bought it to replace an older F100 that could NOT support my 27" Viewsonic gaming screen (too heavy - despite having a supposed 6.5kg limit). The new one with the increased 9kg limit was great. I was able to put my (also new) Xiaomi MI Curved 34" on it fine (I was only really testing it for an hour or so) - no need for anything special with the recessed mounting.

    For what it's worth, the F80 has provision for USB ports in the bottom, but doesn't come with any cables. I was able to re-use t North Bayouhe two USB Male-Female cables that I got with the old F100 mount

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