How Do I Activate a Belong Sim with Referrer Credit?

I bought a $40/40GB SIM from Woolies and I can't see anywhere in the Activation process/steps where I can enter the referral code.

For folks who purchased Belong SIM from the supermarkets, how do we enter or apply the referral code for additional bonus?

I haven't yet activated my sim nor have I asked for a verification code to be sent to my number yet.

EDIT: In case anybody is curious about what to do here's what you actually do:

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    It's very well-hidden in a tiny font.

    It'll be on one of the main screens before you do the final activation & it's very easy to miss.

    I actually missed seeing it & applying it before activation. I then contacted the support person through online chat, and they were really nice & applied it to my account.


      Thank you!!

      It'll be on one of the main screens before you do the final activation & it's very easy to miss.

      Do you remember whereabouts it is?

      There's four sections that I can see:
      * PLAN
      * SIM NUMBER

      Am I okay to send the verification code to my existing number? Like I would have thought that would initialise the activation.


        The option appears on Step 3 (Set up your service), after you create a new account and password (Step 1), enter your name and address, and then enter your Sim Number (Step 2).

        In Step 3, if you scroll down, then just above the gray box with Next button, there'll be a link in light-blue text saying "Do you have a Promo code?"

        Click on it and then enter the referral code in the box.


    thanks OP for the link - I couldnt find it without your post!

    I added a Ozb code - and it gave me a name and said I'd get $20 referral credit.. but now my service has activated, and it doesnt show the $20 anywhere? Just wondering if it takes a day or so to show up?

    Need to port Mrs over to belong too, so wanna make sure referrals work right.


      Can anyone pls help with a referral code, account name and phone number? As belong support have asked for it for me to get the $20 credit? Pls pm me. Thanks


        Please enable private messaging on your profile settings.


          thks. didnt realise that was a thing. It is now enabled. thks

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    I think the website's been redesigned since then. It is now on the screen AFTER entering CC details. The invite code box is now smack in the middle of the next screen. You won't be able to miss it.

    The stages now are:
    1) PLAN - Select your plan and add-on
    2) SIM NUMBER - Register your Belong SIM card number
    3) MOBILE NUMBER - Get a new number or keep your current one
    4) PAYMENT METHOD - Add a credit/debit card or your PayPal account
    5) Confirm Everything <—- This is where the invite code box is now


    Can anyone screenshot where to enter this code?? I can’t find it. :(