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[Refurb] Sony WH-1000XM3 (Black/Silver) now $203.15 (was $239) Delivered @ Sony eBay


On the hunt for Sony and Bose.
I noticed the price for WH-1000XM3 Black and Silver Refurbs went down to $239 from previous deal's $249 and $279 respectively.
Hoping for anyone who bought these before to comment and confirm that Sony actually cleaned the units and that you did not find any ear boogers.

Price went down even further to $203.15!!!!! Thanks to iPwnies.

Black out of stock. Only Silver left, thanks to sed8ed

Black available again!

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  • Any odd smells?

  • mine seemed like new, perhaps the cusions didn't look that new but hard to tell as they are naturally wrinkly. I think I would go for the new version transitioning between devices is annoying.

    • The transitioning isn't as bad as it first seems. To swap between devices…

      1. Hold the power button to put XM3s into pairing mode
      2. Select the XM3s from the already paired bluetooth device list on your target phone/laptop/tablet

      No need to disconnect them from the first "connected" device as the manual suggests.

      • whoa, didn't know this trick. thanks

      • If you’ve ever used headphones that can connect 2 devices at the same time you'll know how annoying that process is on the xm3

        The XM4/Bose/others will dynamically change between two devices non-touch - for example if you’re listening to your laptop or ipad and your phone rings, it will switch from the music to the phone instantly with no flapping around pairing them every time.

        Do you answer calls first then ask the person to wait while you pair your headphones or do you pair it while it’s ringing and hope it connects before they hang up

        • +9 votes

          It's not that annoying when you're broke.

        • No, because you can pair audio separately from headset functionality. E.g. I have them paired to my tablet (audio only) and phone (voice only) so I can watch video on the train, but then answer the phone if it rings.

        • This 'feature' of auto switching can also be annoying. I tried using headphones with a similar feature for work meetings via PC and any clown calls or messages me on my work mobile and I completely miss what's going on. If someone calls and decides to let it ring out, need to grab my phone and hang up on them before it returns to the meeting.

          So it's horses for courses. If you arent using them for work then it's probably fine to have your music/podcast listening interrupted

        • Sorry I didn't mean to sound negative; just pointing out what a hassle it was on the old version vs the seamlessness of the new one; once you've tried you can't go back

          Also, there are other headphones that have this feature that cost far less than the XM4s, for example Platronics Backbeat Pro 2 are decent bluetooth headphones with ANC for under $200, which can connect to 2 devices simultaneously, so no need to blow out $400+ on the XM4

      • Worth noting - step 1 requires you to hold the power button for 7 seconds before the pairing handshake is complete.

        Yes, 7 extra seconds is not a long time, but I do agree with 28kb that it is annoying. It racks up if you switch devices frequently - e.g. something simple like your work laptop and your phone. If you forget, you risk your music blasting out in the open (I did this a couple times since I was used to headphones that just switched).

        Not to mention at that level of inconvenience, I seriously questioned why I didn't just buy a good pair of wired cans and plugged in and out a headphone jack, because that would take less than 7 seconds. Having wireless BT headphones is for convenience, and these headphones are majorly inconvenient. Would not purchase again IMO.

      • It's even easier than that. The headphones can technically be paired to multiple devices, just only connected to one at a time. So to switch you just hit disconnect on the current device - most phones let you do this from the lock screen - then click connect on the device you want to connect it to.

      • It's still annoying, for example, you're watching a movie and someone calls you, you can't just use the same headphone to answer

  • I have these, great, only thing for me is when I wear them for a few hours my ears get really hot and I have to let some air in

  • Is this a good price on these now ?
    I can get another $20 from Ebay so $219…
    Any experience with refurb items ?

    • I have got one and it works with no issues. Obviously it wasn't brand new as the package has been opened and all the parts don't come with plastic warp ( not sure if brand new parts come with wrap) . Apart from that, pretty clean and smells new.

      • A brand new pair doesn't have individual wraps inside, once you open the outer box by removing the shrink wrap, that's all the wrapping there is.

    • I'm sure this is the lowest it's ever been for the refurbs, especially silver. For some reason the silver is normally priced higher.

    • I bought the Silver refurbs a few months back. No complaints and couldn't really tell.

      Would do so again.

    • My refurb Sony BT speaker from them was faulty and had to return but it was the only thing i've ever gotten from them.

  • you mean ear wax or boogers?

    • Sorry, I missed the ear boogers, how do you get nose boogers on your headphones 😲

      • Most people have ear wax, and nose boogers.

        Can you get boogers in your ear?
        Eustachian tube blockage: The Eustachian tube connects your middle ear to your throat. Normally, mucus travels from your ear to the back of your throat because your ears, nose, and throat are connected. However, sometimes the mucus gets trapped in the middle ear and, as a result, you experience a clogged ear.

  • Headphones 😉

  • Looks like a great deal and a very tempting price, but would it be worth waiting till black friday for the WH-1000XM4's ?
    thinking of picking some up for me and my SO, i like the noise canceling on the 1's and assume improvement

    • No way you get that under $300. That thing is almost perfect this year so don't expect much of a price drop for now. That's why they still selling xm3.

    • Have both. Get the 3s. I prefer the 4s but not worth the extra IMO. Noise cancelling perfomance is the same to my ears.

  • uhh.. ebay…

  • Got these delivered today as used a $20 targeted deal to get them for $219

    Packaging box was worn yet actual headphones and case is faultless seem unused HOWEVER after charging for 2 hours they worked for 20 minutes whilst doing an update and then battery died.

    Charging again now cause maybe I didn't charge it long enough?

    • I've heard not so good news after updating the firmware on any Sony's or Bose's. I wouldn't update them tbh.
      2h charge for 27h battery life. Maybe your USB port doesn't give out enough Amps?

  • How are the mics on these?
    I have the first generation and its horrible

  • My experience with these XM3s:

    • Mics are really bad, so WFH calls aren't great. Look up YouTube reviews testing these
    • Stock earpads are really stuffy and my ears get hot quick, you need to get replacement velour pads
    • A feature that I thought was standard in all modern wireless headphones doesn't exist - multipoint connections / dual A2DP to allow easy switching between devices. You have to manually pair literally every time you switch device, really inconvenient
    • USB C cable provided are 10cm long and not very flexible, expect to need to buy your own
    • App is quite buggy - had to redownload a firmware update like 5 times before it worked, where one time I shat myself when it soft-bricked my headphones. The App Store reviews tell the story
    • ANC is amazing for sure, but sound is quite average. Sounds exactly like cans that overly boost bass to make up for poor clarity in the midrange

    Overall online reviews rave about it, and it's true the ANC is great. But I got these for convenience and they are really inconvenient and don't serve the purpose I bought them for (WFH calls and commute). Returned them for the XM4s, and who knows, maybe my old pair is one of these refurbs lol

  • Coming up as $203.15 shipped right now!

  • Black all gone.. Silver left.