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[Prime] Instant Pot Duo Nova $119 (3L) / $169 (5.7L) / $189 (8L) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Amazon currently has 37% off the Instant Pot Duo Nova as part of the Prime Day sales, bringing it to $119 for the 3L model ($70 off RRP), $169 for the 5.7L model ($100 off RRP), and $189 for the 8L model ($110 off RRP).

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • this or the duo evo plus?

  • When can we see Duo Crisp in Australia……

  • this or philips? philips review on productreview seems better, also better looking imo.

  • I have the phillips, I wish the instant pot came out earlier, prefer that instead. mainly for the stainless steel inner pot.

    • Whats bad about philips one? just the pot? I think you can get stainless steel pot from amazon, $45 if I remember right

      • just afraid of scratching it

  • +2

    Isn't the international version a better deal?

    • I would say so for the 5.7L, $20 more isn't a big deal and to me the flat bottom inner pan is worth it. The Duo Evo Plus doesn't come in an 8L (yet) though so the Duo Nova is the obvious choice if you need the capacity.

      • They don't share the same bowl?? Which one is the flat bowl?

      • They have jacked by another $6 to $195.28 now

    • this one looks nice, how does the warranty work?

      • +1

        No idea. I'll deal with it when I need it, but it's Amazon. So I guess they are not too bad with warranties and returns. YMMV.

    • I wish I had waited :( I bought the Duo Nova only a few months ago.

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    I always wanted an original instant pot, the prices always too high in Aus.

    I ended up getting one of these for $70 using the eBay plus intro voucher (they used to sell for $120), it's pretty big in size but 3l maybe little bit small, easy to do pretty big batch cooking etc.

    Seems good, wanted stainless bowl. Apparently the saute feature is too hot, whichever button they call it. The manual pressure release (button) seems to take a long time before can open it, not sure if that's the same on all. Never thought of doing on the stove other than separate pan. Mostly just use manual, and still make rice in rice cooker if that's All in doing it wasn't for separate. All the reviews are good.

    Heller HPC1000 6L Electric Digital Slow/Pressure Cooker Stainless Steel 1000W

    Edit: Just checked the Heller, the bottom of the pot isn't completely flat either

    • Is the bowl inside stainless steel like the instant pot?

      • yes - that's why I got that one, I didn't want non-stick
        (although my rice cooker is and don't really care but this appliance is a bit different.

    • I bought a Heller recently. I have been struggling with the stainless steel, any tips? I made jambalaya and was sure I deglazed it properly (or maybe I didn't… I dunno now, second guessing myself now) and after pressure cooking, I found the entire bottom was full of stuck on burnt rice. I was very sad but was able to clean it alright, after soaking and using bi carb on the more difficult bits.

      I made something else and when it was time to chuck in the garlic during saute, it stuck all over despite me having poured ample oil prior.

      Also, a caveat with the heller - it is strictly a pressure cooker only, and works well at that. It is NOT a multi cooker like the breville or sunbeam or instantpot. It says it has a steam function but it is just a shortcut button for 5min of pressure cooking (and note that you need to push the vent thing in, hence it's pressure cooking), which may destroy whatever you are steaming. I have not tried the slow cook function yet but I don't think I can rely on it doing a similar job to a slow cooker. The manual says you need to release pressure before opening the lid for slow cooking, so perhaps it is just a very low pressure cook function rather than a real slow cook.

      • Hi, yes I'm not sure about it either to be honest, have used it a handful of times and really only cook beans/peas and veg using manual mode which i've reduced to about 10 mins. One pot or curry type things. The first go mustn't have added enough water or it just made it into mush. I feel that pressure cooking is really only required for hard beans like mung or black beans etc, and pair it with harder grains like brown rice. everything else will be too soft so was throwing in at the end after de-pressurising and just keep lid on.

        Bit of a poor reply sorry will try and add to it at lunch. I have heard the saute funtion is too hot, kind of pointless if you have to use another pan and steaming or rice veg to throw in separately.

        I've never had issues sticking but not cooking meats so not sure.
        The stainless still goes a bit spotty (water marks or something) but seems easy enough to clean. I think I'd rather a smaller instant pot that doesn't take up as much room and make dishes more often. Wonder if i'd get much selling it. Ps only make for one but like batch cooking

        • if your veg or meat is turning into mush after pressure cooking, then you are pressure cooking for too long. I've made japanese curry, massaman curry and it only requires 15min of pressure cooking after browning the meat and veg. Yes, I agree that these dishes don't "need" pressure cooking, you're not saving much time over cooking it on the stove but I like the idea I can quicky brown stuff, chuck in more stuff then put on a lid and push some buttons and come back in 30min to a meal ready for my consumption. As opposed to say, baby sitting a pot on a stove and stirring it and making sure that the potatoes are cooked properly.

          I had a Sunbeam Aviva before this Heller and it cooked everything i threw at it pretty well (including the aforementioned jambalaya). But it had a non stick inner pot.

          I agree, pressure cooking beans is awesome. I can make some awesome Brazilian black beans with very little effort. Making chicken stock is really easy too with a pressure cooker. I'm gonna make this soy poached chicken tomorrow night - I have no idea how I would make that the "regular" way but the instructions for this using a pressure cooker is so freaking simple, it's like 2 steps with no baby sitting. It came out perfect when I used to cook it with my Aviva. Also, the handful recipes I've tried from this website have all turned out pretty well, maybe give them a go if you want ideas on what you want to cook in your pressure cooker.

          I haven't found the saute to be too hot to be honest, which is probably why I am struggling with the sticking thing. Maybe I just have to get it REALLY hot i.e. turn on saute and let it heat up for 5min or something. The instant pot and breville have an indicator telling you when the pot is ready for sauting i.e. when it's hot enough to saute. But the Breville is non stick.

          Yes I have water marks on mine too, I have read using bar keeper's friend will help with this. It's on special at Coles (think the special ends today). I'm off to buy some.

          • @ippy: Thanks for the reply, and agree with all that
            I ended up ordering a 3L instant pot so hopefully can get something for this one.
            It just seems like it would suit my situation and needs better, a lot of the stuff is an overkill. I mainly wanted it to cook dry peas/beans quickly and combine some other grains chuck in a few sweet potatoes etc and a few spices / curry paste etc..

            With the heller 10 min seems to be good, as it's sit's on 4min30 after that and not sure if it's cooling by itself, still takes long time pressure releasing manually after that too so not really sure. thought it may be one or the other after 10 min but if there's lot of liquid it stands to reason.. it's just that it keeps cooking in that time i think.

            • @G-rig: When I do manual release it takes me about 40-60 seconds of holding the button to get all the pressure out, then the pin drops. Would say it was about the same with my Aviva. Anything longer seems strange and not right.

              • @ippy: hmm didn't time it but a minute is probably reasonable. Just dont know how long it's meant to take. With 4 cups of water & one can coconut milk found curry pretty good and still liquid. just nothing i couldn't do on the stove if adding veg at the end. The main thing is the soaking and cooking of hard stuff where it is very handy.

  • How big is 8L vs 5.7L

    Have a family of 4. We do food prep. Often cooking 2kg of meat with veggie.

    • +1

      I think the 8L is usually recommended for families of 4 (or smaller families who want leftovers).

      • got the 8L for $20 extra… why not

        • Supposedly the 5.7L can fit a whole chicken in it but I dunno, for the price difference it's not a big issue to go bigger and that way you can do bigger if you have people over or if you decide to prep meals in advance or just wanna do big soups/stews and things like that. I do like a lot of leftovers though, so I can be lazy the next day. :P

          Edit: The Australian IP website says:

          Duo™ Nova is available in 3 sizes:
          3L is great for cooking rice, side dishes or meals for 1 or 2 people
          5.7L is the perfect size for feeding up to 6 people
          8L is perfect for large families or whipping up big batches of prepared meals for the week.

          So I have no idea what to believe at this point, lol.

          • +2

            @Diji: I have a 6L pressure cooker and it can def fit 1.75-2kg chicken no problem. (but I usually buy chickens on the smaller side - 1.2-1.4kg)

            I meal prep with a 6L. I cook for 2 adults. If I cook something with my pressure cooker, I will typically make 4-6 portions whilst using it, depending what I am cooking. Things like bolognese, brazillian black beans will yield a LOT more though.

            My parents have a 8L breville fast slow pro which is huuuuge and a bit of a pain to clean (takes up the entire sink, cant maneuver it as well as if it was a 6L pot, lol, but yes it is very easy to clean, just me nitpicking). It also takes bloody forever to pressurise compared to 6L. And it takes ages for the saute indicator to say the pot is hot enough but I ignore it and start throwing stuff in after 3-4min. But this last bit is prob feedback specific to the breville, not instantpot.


          • +2

            @Diji: I have a 6L slow cooker and have fed six people easily from it, which is what led me toward the 5.7L Instant Pot as I can't imagine needing to cook more than that on most days.

            The bigger your pressure cooker, the more liquid you'll need in the pot before it can function effectively as a pressure cooker. Between the 5.7L and 8L, I believe you'll need an extra cup of liquid.

            • @Thrymr: Ah ok, thanks for the info! I feel bad about (unintentionally) misleading SS625. Hopefully they see yours and ippy's comments. I should do my research more thoroughly before making recommendations.

            • @Thrymr: thanks for the info… i just cancelled the 8L and got the 5.7L

              kinda makes more sense to get the 5.7L

    • +1

      Hey check ippy and Thrymr's comments below (above?) for better information. I'd say if you change your mind on the size Amazon would be happy to accomodate, I've had pretty good customer support from their chat staff. :)

    • That's cheap, non-nova version though

      • Yes. Older model.. by a year I think, but functions are same (in fact, has 1 more than Nova). Likely some design improvement in Nova.

        • I think there's no steam release button ?

  • Newbie here been reading through the post so is it worthwhile to get the 5.7l from Amazon Uk?

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