ALDI Xfinity Batteries - Will Bunnings Put Their Batteries on Sale?

Hi guys,

Just got the latest Aldi catalogue today and on the 24th of October they're going to have the Xfinity batteries and charger deals along with a range of battery powered tools.

$49.99 for a 4Ah 20V
$39.99 for a 2Ah 20V

Is it usual that Bunnings will offer their Ozito batteries at the same prices?

Link to a photo of the sale:

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    Yup, that means, Bunnings Ozito PXC batteries will be on sale for similar pricing over that weekend :-D

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    They usually match the prices for the same capacity. Last time I looked for some, the 4.0AH ones were on sale for the same price as Aldi ($40), but they were out of stock - and suggested I buy a 2.0AH for $59. That said, they were good about it, and let me put 5 x 4.0AH ones on back order for the sale price.

    FYI if you're after the 2.0AH ones, the Bunnings website has them listed for $25 at the moment

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    I in fact went to ALDI today and ask them if they have any 4ah battery. There was non on the shelf however there was some at the back of store. Got it for $19.99. Cheap ass

    • You mean the 2Ah or 4Ah?

      • 4ah. in fact they were marked as $29.99 on the glass shelf.

        • Wow, that's insane, that's less than half the price of their upcoming $49.99 offer! How do you manage not being able to buy skins whenever you want? I guess that's the advantage of the Ozito range?

          • @gyrex: Plan ahead and research what products you want out of the xfinity range. I've got ryobi, kobalt and xfinity tools. Am considering Ozito tool for budget/easy on pocket. Don't tie yourself down to 1 battery system.

            • @HL2: I've already got some Makita 18V 3Ah batteries and some of their skins but it's such an expensive system compared with Ozito. Also, some of my skins were nicked a few years ago so I want to move to Ozito. The warranty & pricing alone is enough to move over.

              • @gyrex: i'm not brand loyal. What i value is price and quality. therefore don't tie yourself down to 1 battery system.

  • Do Bunnings have a history of discounting the Ozito 5.2Ah batteries as well or just the like for like with the Aldi range (i.e. 2 & 4Ah only)?

    I'd like a pair of 5.2's for my brushless chainsaw but might have to settle for 4's.

    • Unless Aldi is releasing the 5.2Ah range then no.

      • Cheers, I went to a few stores. None had 5.2Ah batteries and prices were normal $90ea (or $99?) as you suggested.

        I picked up 2x discounted black 4Ah instead.

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