Looking Advice for Home PC

Hi everyone, I am looking a pc for daily home use and need some help.

I wants it to play 4k videos smoothly, and I don't play game.

Scroll through ozbargain and internet, don't know what to get.


  • Daily use at home != 4K video.

    4K video === media player
    4K video === streaming or pb.org

    Does not compute!!!! 1+2 != 2, but 1 step forward and another step backward = no movement, therefore 0.

    More info or more details on what you will you the PC for are required…. PC or VF TV or Apple TV or RiPI 4 or Second Hand xyz or

  • Go to the forums for pcpartpicker or any good buold from scorptec

  • Btw if you are buying a pc for 4k movie you are wasting your money. Any decent laptop with a discrete graphic card can do 4k. A PC will do 4k movies and games and might cost slightly more

    • Any recommendation for laptop

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        Any acer or dell laptop below 800$. You might pay more if you want better screen and storage

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      Looks like it'll do really well

    • May I ask what is your laptop?:)

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