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[Prime] Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, 5.7L International Version $97.09 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU

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First time posting so if I've missed something, please don't be too harsh on me.

I am huge fan of instant pots since my time in US. Pricing and availability in Australia has been pretty bad. For some strange reason, the UK international version (6L) is available with prime and free shipping to Australia for just $97.09. It's the DUO, a slightly older model with an older screen but with the same features. I just ordered with free shipping and I think that's a great price although you'll need a plug adapter to use here. For comparison, the local instant pot nova with Australia plug and 6L costs $160 with Prime Day special so it's a really good discount.

The price seems to only apply to the 6L version with 3L at $130 and 8L at $180. 6L for me is ideal for 2-3 people.

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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • I bought one this morning :)

  • Ho's this different to the Duo Nova?

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      Side by side, these two are similar in terms of appliances and smart programs (outside of the pasteurize feature). However, the Duo Nova has an updated display much like the Duo Plus and Duo Ultra. One big update is the Duo Nova comes with an auto sealing lid. This is an enhanced safety feature, and you want as much safety as possible when pressure cooking.
      Another update is the Duo Nova comes with two sealing rings, measuring cup, and steam rack. This gives you even more accessories than the Duo.

      Duo Nova seems better and is at a pretty good Prime Day deal price at the moment ($169).

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        Thanks. Was about to cancel my Duo Nova order and get this instead

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        That blog is incorrect … If you go to the actual instapot UK site, it shows the Duo comes with "steam rack with handles, serving spoon, soup spoon, and measuring cup". What you get extra are the 2 sealing rings that those shouldn't cost that much since mine have never broken and you don't need to change it.…

        • The 2 sealing rings is important to change actually. You should be using 1 for savoury and 1 for sweet foods.

  • How this compares to Phillips Vivo? Thinking about getting one of these

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      Does that have stainless pot?

      If not, get this

      • the Viva (not Vivo sorry) has ceramic pot on newer model than stainless steel on the old one….probably I'll wait for the Phillips one. Cheers

    • I'm wondering that too… :)

  • Anyone know the warranty for this?

  • Would you need an adaptor for this?

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      Yes. An adapter for the UK plug to Au, but not a transformer since the voltage is the same.

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      should be able to use an AU jug cord

      • ^ this

      • very true. I didn't think of that.

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      you'll need a plug adapter to use here

      Should've gone to Specsavers

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  • The system shows "This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location." so that I cannot order it even if I want to.

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      Did you set your parcel locker as the address? I had a similar issue earlier with buying the 14 TB Hard drive from AmazonUK.

      • Yes, I use parcel locker as my delivery address but soon I chnage to my physical address and it still shows this system massage.

        • Changing to a physical address fixed it for me.

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    Thanks OP - just grabbed one for the folks. Hope it's as good as the fast slow pro I have. Pressure cookers are the best!

  • Been eyeing a multicooker for a while and this is almost half the price of the updated Aussie version, great bargain! Thanks OP 😃

  • too good of a price to pass up. even without the extra in the Nova.

  • Warranty applicable since we're buying from the UK?

  • i got Duo Nova 8L early this year and never turned back. This pot is so useful and highly recommended

  • Thank you, Don't forget to apply this promo as well, bringing it down even further to around $88.3

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    8L Duo Nova Prime deal for next 24h for $189 from Amazon AU.

    Unfortunately I succumbed to the 8L Duo (not Nova) deal posted on Ozbargain a few weeks ago.

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks OP, I'm new to pressure pot, probably dont need the latest and greatest, this is a good entry price :)

  • Bought one, thanks!

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