Best Value Monitor for Nintendo Switch?

Hey guys,

I'm looking at buying a Nintendo Switch, and was wondering what the best options for a monitor would be?
I don't want to spend a fortune, but would also like a high-quality monitors…

Also, what specifications must a monitor have in order for it to work with a Nintendo Switch? I'm a noob with all this…

Thanks so much



    Are you sure you are looking for a monitor and not a TV?


      With my setup, I think a monitor makes the most sense…

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        Switch can do upto 1080p at a 60Hz max refresh rate making even a cheap 1080p monitor with HDMI meeting your requirements

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        For casual games on a switch, there is nothing a monitor offers over a TV, while there's a lot a TV offers over a monitor (price, size, viewing angles etc).

        Monitors are worth it for PC gaming because of stuff like freesync, 144hz refresh rates and lower input lag.

        But for a switch? It's capped at 1080p 60hz and input lag is irrelevant for 95% of games.

        All you need is a 1080p TV with HDMI input, and you're good. 4k is also a good option for future proofing, as 1080p scales super well on 4k monitors/tvs.


    Also a budget/size preference would help too.


    Go on Ebay, search "Sony TV" then filter by used and bam you get a 1080p TV for ~$90.


    Do you already have a monitor?.. I just used to have them connected to the hmdi port at the back of the monitor while my PC was connected to the display port. So I would just change at will and have either the switch or PC displayed on the screen. I had this set up on dual monitors (two switches) and it was great.

    So you need a hmdi port at the back of the monitor.


    Be sure to get a monitor with built in speakers.

    BenQ GW2280

    21.5 inches