Chocolate Supplier in Melbourne

I'm starting a catering services for birthday parties in Melbourne.

I was just thinking if anyone here know someone who can supply chocolates?

For now this is my only option

I hope you can recommend another shop.

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    I'm confused. What type of chocolates?
    You're saying that in the entire country/Google you could one find one supplier?

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    If it's for kids then they'd probably want the same brands they can buy in the stores anyway, right? Instead of some fancy brand that tastes different to any chocolate they've had before.

  • If you want fancy delicious stuff:
    Chocolate box
    Koko black
    Haighs (south Australian)

  • I feel like suppliers like pfd and galipo have a chocolate section in their catalogue. Sorry never ordered sweets from them can't be sure of quality.

  • Horse Torque & Lollies sell wholesale and outlet bulk chocolates and lollies, every kind imaginable. They were in Malvern for years, but have relocated to Noble Park.

  • Thanks for sharing the other store :)

  • I love their Organic Mint - Dark Chocolate :D

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