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[Prime] WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes 540 Count (Pack of 9) $30.99 with (S&S) Delivered @ Amazon AU


UPDATE: Price increased to $30.99, still a great price, and better than previous deals, but not as good as a few hours ago.

I am unreasonably excited about this deal.
Looks like the best price ever. Works out as $2.79 per pack.

When on special individual packs of 60 can get down to around $3.75. Previous 9 pack Prime S&S deals also come in around that price. So this is around 25% off the previous best deal.

  • SAFE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN. Ideal for cleaning babies' delicate skin during nappy changing, weaning and teething, for cleaning baby's hands and face.
  • RECOMMENDED BY MIDWIVES* to help prevent nappy rash or skin irritations *Baobag research on 35 Midwives, Dec 2019
  • SUITABLE FROM BIRTH. WaterWipes are the world's purest newborn baby wipes. Perfect for the sensitive skin from a premature baby to toddler. A suitable alternative to cotton wool and water.
  • SAFE FOR ECZEMA PRONE SKIN. Proud Sponsor of the Eczema Association of Australasia
  • SIMPLY TWO INGREDIENTS. Contains 99.9% water and a drop of fruit extract. The fruit extract acts as a gentle skin conditioner. Vegan society accredited baby wipes are hypoallergenic and contain no parabens or sulphates to irritate sensitive skin
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This is part of Amazon Prime Day sale for 2020

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  • really good find, best price I've seen. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP, first good deal for prime day for me so far

    • Same here.

  • +1

    Spewing I ordered earlier in the day for ~$36 and unable to cancel!

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    What's the expiry generally like?

    • +1

      Not sure about the production date. However, WaterWipes says they're good for 15 months from production. I doubt these will have been sitting around too long in Amazon's warehouse, so at least 9 months would be my best guess.

    • +1

      I was ordered 2x boxes few weeks ago with expiry around mid 2021.

      • Thanks, guys. Just under 8 months to go so I guess I'll get a box.

        • +2

          Correction: production date 20/04/2020, expiry 12/2021.

          Cheers ;)

  • Amazing deal! Thanks OP

  • Is it just me that feels these really don’t clean well? Compared to curash, I have a really hard time getting stuck on goodness to actually come off. Lots of water but the wipe is slippery af?

    • +5

      I've used both quite a bit. I agree, the Curash ones are thicker and seem to work better. However, I suggest you grab a Curash and wipe around your mouth/lips, particularly the "Simply Water" ones. They actually sting! I felt pretty bad when I discovered that. Strangely enough, Curash's cheaper "Fragrance Free" ones don't seem to sting anywhere near as much as the "Simply Water" ones.

      Basically WaterWipes have the reputation they do because they're good for sensitive skin; which I've also observed in practice.

      That said, for my older daughter, I've absolutely no issue using (and do typically use) the Curash Fragrance free wipes. For newborns though I'd highly recommend WaterWipes.

      • Completely agree on the stinging sensation for curash water wipes I wonder why that is….

    • I agree. We've switched over to Joonya branded wipes and finding them to be much better. Plus still fragrance free etc, and an Aussie company.

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    Thanks OP. Prime Day deals have been great for stocking up on nappies and wipes.

  • +2

    Glad i woke up at 4:20am to check OZB!

    Bought 5 sets = 30 boxes = 2,700 wipes
    Assuming we use 3 wipes per change and 6 changes per day = ~20 wipes per day
    So i'm sorted for 135 days or about 11 months.


    Assume just cancel the S&S once it arrives?

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      Just a heads up in case the fact got discovered by the end of the 4th month :)

      • -1

        It really depends on how many hours per day you are using for your calculation, or whatever your definition of one day is.

        Or they could be using a 32 month calendar or something

    • Don’t forget to account for the poo explosions, the messy hands after play, wiping hands before a meal, wiping down high chairs/table when you’re out and just general mess created by said creature. You might find your average use much higher than expected!

  • Showing $36 for me - what am I doing wrong

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      Prime day deals are only visible during checkout. First make sure you're logged into a Prime account, then select Subscribe and Save. Change the frequency to 6 months; presumably cancel the subscription before then. Finally continue to checkout. It'll show the discount applied before you confirm the purchase/subscription.

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    Thanks OP!
    Good thing that my daughter woke up at 4am this morning so I dont miss this deal.

    • I woke up as well and it's gone up

      • +1

        Just ordered - still $25.11 for me. It reflects when you're at the checkout page.

  • This deal is amazing so ordered 2 boxes! Absolute bargain and much cheaper then even the sale price at Costco!

  • Ahh keep getting $40, is the deal still active?

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    Can get 400 Huggies wipes for $11 on S&S. So $14.86 for 540, can you say these are better at $25?

    • -2

      Stupid question. These are refills. So are you using the tub Huggies sell or?

      • -2

        Harsh response. These are $5 to buy

        • +1

          I'm asking a stupid question. Can refills be used without the tub or? The Huggies is a refill. Do you need the tub or what to use? Im not saying he asked a stupid question.

          • +1

            @tessel: Yes, I figure buying a tub once saves $ and the environment over the long run. The Huggies wipes packets are made much better than these packets but it's a lot of plastic waste. After watching Attenborough's latest on Netflix, we all should try our best to help the planet.

  • Noob question.. does S & S means kind of locking the price? Will i pay the same $25.11 for next delivery? Please advise?

    • +2

      You'll pay the price of the item your subbed at the time it's despatched. So it'll fluctuate

  • Is it better than Huggies ultimate? I already ordered 256 for $13.60

    • Yes if your bub has sensitive skin.

    • Huggies has waterwipes at kmart $2 for a 90 pack

  • Thanks O

    FYI. Blow your nose with a wet wipe. It’l change your life…

  • +1

    Price changed $29.

  • With these deals can you select S&S for the discount then cancel before the next S&S payment?

    • Yes, SS, order is shipped then cancel SS so you don't get repeat shipment.

      • Thanks 😁

  • For babies/toddlers who aren't sensitive to wipes, are these really worth double the price over generic woolies/coles wipes?

    • +1

      I know my wife likes these better as there are no chemicals in them. Compare the ingredient list of these to the generic ones

    • Yes

  • $35.99 now with amazon prime but no option for S&S

  • +1

    S&S Option no longer available

  • $36 now which is nearly $4 per pack. Not much cheaper than the $4.50 single packs.

  • -1

    You can get huggies waterwipes from kmart for $2

    • +1

      Huge difference. Huggies wipes are horrible and wreck the skin

  • +1

    It seems the $25.11 has expired when I tried, but with S&S and the sale it worked out to be $31 which at $3.44 per pack is still quite cheap compared to normal. Thanks OP.

  • Cheers OP. Missed the $25.11 but picked up a couple at the slightly higher price. Was hanging out for a Prime Day deal on these

  • Used these for a newborn. If you're concerned about chemicals and rashes they are pretty good, but really don't wipe that well. Our bubs 3 months old now and have just changed to the aldi thick wipes. They actually wipe so much better, and bubs nappy rash improved as we are actually able to wipe off all the poo.

  • I have used WaterWipes bought from Amazon early this year and I bought again mid year since it was such a good product. But the new batch with expiry date November 2021 sucks, it's too dry compared to the previous batch, almost feels like they skimp on ingredients. I'm tempted to buy again at this low price, but still have unopened box of 9 packs that I regretted buying.

  • This or theCurash water wipes??