Apple Event 14/10: Everything Announced (With Aus Prices)

The following was announced at the event, UPDATED WITH AUS PRICES

Homepod Mini
Available in White and Space Grey
360 Degree Sound Experience
S5 Chip
Multiple Homepod Mini's can play in sync around your home
iPhone owners get a new Hand off Experience later this year.
Apple Music, Podcasts, iHeart Radio, and TuneIN
Amazon Music and Pandora coming soon.
Siri Features Demo'd including CarPlay integration and Smart Home Features
Intercom: Send a message from one HomePods to another (or multiple HomePod's), Also works with iPhone, Watch, CarPlay and AirPods
Price: $149
Order 7/11 Ships 16/11

5G Announcement
5G Confirmed for New iPhone Models
Mostly US-Centric Announcements
Carrier Partnerships to bring best 5G Experience to iPhone Users.
5G Ultra Wide band Support (Verizon US confirmed carrier)

iPhone 12
5G Confirmed
New Design: Flat Edges, Glass front and Back
Black, White, Red, Green and Blue
6.1 Inch Display
Smaller Bezels, Thinner, Lighter and Smaller Overall compared to iPhone 11
Super Retina XDR Display (OLED, 2mil-1 Ratio, 460ppi, HDR, HDR 10 and Dolby Vision)
Corning Developed Ceramic Shield Glass
Smart Data Mode: When Phone does not need 5G Speeds it uses LTE and Vice Versa
A14 Bionic Chip: 5nm Chip (first in a smartphone ever), 6 Core CPU, 4 Core GPU
League of Legends Wild Rift Announced
Camera: Dual Camera, 12mp Ultra Wide, 12mp Wide, Improved Low Light, Improved Night Mode (front and Back). Night Mode Time Lapse
Wireless Charging: Magsafe for iPhone: iPhone wireless compatiable cases, click on to phone with Magnets (and can be charged with case on),
Magsafe Watch/Phone Charger announced

Sizes: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Price: $1349 / $1429 / $1599

iPhone 12 Mini
5.4 Inch Screen (smaller than 4.7 models)
Same Specs, Colours and features of the iPhone 12
(It really looks tiny)

Sizes: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Price: $1199 / $1279 / $1449

iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max
Premium Materials
Stainless Steel Bands
Ceramic Shield Glass
IP68 Rating
Magsafe Compatible
Silver, Graphite, Gold, Pacific Blue
6.1 Inch Pro
6.7 Inch Pro Max
12MP Ultra Wide
12MP Wide
12MP Telephoto Camera
Pro Max: Has "better" camera lenses etc over the Pro Model, Sensor Shift OIS Feature.
Apple ProRAW: Raw Format on Pro/Pro Max
Video: HDR Video Recording 10 Bit HDR, 4K Res and 60 FPS, Dolby Vision.
LiDAR Scanner (light detection and ranging), Exclusive to Pro Models

Sizes 128GB, 256GB, 512GB
Pro: $1699 / $1869 / $2219
Pro Max: $1849 / $2019 / $2369

Order Dates
iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro: Order 11pm AEST 16/10 Release 23/10
iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max: Order 12am AEST 7/11 Release 13/11

As Expected:
No charger Brick or headphones in the box… for "environmental" reasons
All iPhones come with USB C - Lightning Cable Standard

Magsafe Accessories:

Apple One Australian Price Confirmed
Individual: Music, TV+, Arcade and 50GB iCloud 19.95 per Month
Family: Music, TV+, Arcade and 200GB iCloud $25.95 Per Month (6 Users)
Premier: Music, TV+, Arcade, 2TB iCloud, News+ and Fitness+ $39.95 per Month (6 Users)

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  • Definitely looking forward to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, time to upgrade from the X. Not really keen on anything else though.

    • I have the X as well and it works just fine.

      What are the main reasons for you to consider upgrading to 12 Pro Max?

      • X battery degradation to about 80% so doesn't last all day anymore.
        Definitely want a larger screen as use it for multimedia and daily work more and more but don't want iPad.
        It's 3 years old now. I used to upgrade iPhone every year since 3G but the XS and 11 wasn't compelling.
        Can still get $500-600 for the X (or Apple give you $400 trade-in if you want hassle-free).
        5G ready is a good boost as it's rolling out across Aus now.
        Better camera, battery & CPU/RAM is a huge boost in daily life.
        Ultra Wideband is piped to be a major new feature moving forwards.
        TouchID fingerprint sensor is much more convenient than FaceID.
        Love the iPhone 5 form factor they've gone back to.
        Dual SIM will be handy as well, both for work or travel (whenever normality ensues).

        It's definitely not a revolutionary upgrade but about time to upgrade. YMMV.

        Disappointed they've gone for USB-C personally, have far too many lightning cables and peripherals but c'est la vie.

        • Thanks, great points.

          Just checked my phone's battery health and the max capacity is at 92%.

          TouchID fingerprint sensor is much more convenient than FaceID.

          I do find it irritating to enter my PIN to unlock the phone when I am outside and wearing a mask esp when having to look at the grocery list frequently.

        • I don't think the new phones are USB-C? I think that's just the fast charge cable included (I imagine the wall plug has a USB-C port?).

          I also feel ya on the screen size. I've had both a large screen phone (which slowly led me to stop using my laptop) and now have a small screen phone +iPad. Both setups are good!

        • These phones have no fingerprint sensor according to

          (I haven't checked the official site yet)

        • What source are you getting your information from Hybroid? I want to avoid it.

        • Also have an X.

          My battery health is at 76% and is quite noticeable. I was waiting to see this upgrade cycle, and it was quite disappointing. Their main selling point was 5G, and Australian models won’t be compatible with mmwave. When you’re spending over $1000 for even the base model, you’d expect to not need to upgrade for 3+ years, but the absence of mmwave is disappointing (especially when available in the US).

          I’ll just pay the $109 for a new battery and that will ensure this iPhone X is running strong until next year (or even the year after).

          I used to be guilty of upgrading regularly, but the upgrades have really slowed down of late (for what I need, at least).

  • Who all are up watching this? ;)

  • +1 vote

    What a joke $1349 for iPhone 12 about $230 more expensive than the US.

    • you dont get it eh, no point explaining.

      • Obviously they have allowed for currency conversion so please explain. Assuming it's taxes?

      • Apple is always overpriced?

        • "Phil, a hot take there from yet another Android user who was never, ever going to buy the phone unless it was free"

          "It sure was Ted, I've certainly never seen somebody whining about a 128gb Apple phone being $1,429 at launch while staying strangely silent about the $1,499 Samsung Galaxy S10+ a year ago, or hell, even the $1,349 S10, or the "entry-level" s10e for $1,199"

    • lol. Hey sweet. 1 USD = 1.4 AUD

    • Doesn't include taxes as well as in Australia we have an additional year statutory warranty. I personally would pay the extra $# for the longer warranty - that, paired with Apple care - you're laughin'!

    • I am just here for these people lol

  • Isn't it Australian law that mobile phones must come with earphones? The Google Pixel also comes sans earphones overseas, but is supplied with earphones here

    • No such law exists.

      • It's a law in france, I've seen it mentioned that it is here as well, and as mentioned above, Google supplies earphones in Australia and France, but have been unable to find the law here.

  • Iphone 12 mini white is amazing!! been so long time to beat my heart.

    • Haaallleee yeah, time to replace my OG iPhone SE!

    • Yeeeeeehaaaaaa!!.
      So compact, mm difference in height and width compared to the old SE and thinner. But features galore.

      Finally Apple convinces me to buy a new product

      Sent from my 2016 iPhone SE

  • Now you can download huge files

    This is from the 5G blurb.

    That's all well and good, but from my experience with iOS, what do you do with the file now. Where the f$#k is it. You won't even let me open it. Where's my downloaded folder. Too dangerous to open that. Cannot associate with an app. Get nicked apple.

  • Underwhelming.

    They don't have any new ideas, so they are going back and rehashing the past, still at extreme prices.

    Is there any reason you wouldn't get an EoL iphone 11? Or something else entirely?

  • My phone (11 Max 256) is $120 cheaper for the equivalent (12 Max 256)!

    Pleasantly surprised. But given AUD is doing slightly better than release time last year, it's not that surprising.

  • The 12 pro is better value for $350 more that the 12.

  • lol no 120hz screens. Might as well pick up an 11 or XS if you really need something now and wait for a proper upgrade.

    • I'm interested, what does 120hz offer? (not trying to be a smart a$$)

      • Have a play on a iPad pro if you get a chance. It's a higher refresh rate screen which makes everything feel incredibly smooth and fluid.

  • Leaks were all accurate

  • Damn no powerbrick….

  • All the rumours said it was supposed to covid friendly prices. No?!

    All the prices are $200 over what I would pay for. I’ll probably just retreat and get an iPhone 11. Don’t care for MagSafe and 5G anyway.

  • So it's only the sub-6ghz 5G for the Australian models? No mmWave.
    Was hoping to upgrade and hold it for 3+ years like my previous phones so it doesn't seem very future proofed on the 5G front.

    • What does this mean? There are different 5G options?

      • Yeah mmWave is faster but shorter range, sub 6-Ghz is longer range but compromises on speed slightly.

        Aus telcos are currently testing mmWave but even if they launch it in a year or so, if you upgrade to the 12 now, it won't have the antennas in it to make use of it.

        • Interesting read, thanks! It seems there is only a 'pocket wifi' device that is mmWave compatible. Every other 5G phone in Aus is still using the sub range - so I guess getting an iPhone 12 doesn't put you at any less disadvantage than any other 5G phone.

          Apparently Apple hasn't released which antenna is actually in the Aus iPhone 12? Is there a chance it could support the 26GHz?

          I'm still on the Samsung S9, so was kinda hoping to upgrade. This has me thinking.

  • Anyone thinking its worth the upgrade from iPhone 11 pro to 12 pro? Not Max.
    I got a free upgrade with Optus, obv having to return the current phone. Although down side is it will restart my 36 month phone instalments.

  • +3 votes

    My hot take
    Bezels - Why are they so noticable to me? Why does it remind me of a much older phone, not 2021 flagship. Currently using Note 10+, edge to edge just looks nicer( to me.)
    OLED - big fan
    The design doesnt do anything for me, looks like a refreshed iphone 4, which makes it look outdated.
    Magsafe - great idea
    Wish they did they ipad pro and ditched lightning for USB C
    Cameras look decent as usual.
    Im sure it will sell piles.

  • $94 for a MagSafe charger and 20w brick, nice one Apple.

  • Thanks for a concise and useful post, much better than sorting through those fluffy 'everything is amazing' reviews.

  • FYI.
    The iPhone 12 mini does NOT have dual sim for those who want this feature.

    • fakenews

      It has the same as all 12/Pro models.

      Dual SIM (nano-SIM and eSIM)

      • Yeah I know.
        Commented on another post.

        The Chinese model does not come with the physical dual sim in the mini.
        I misunderstood the info from Apple.