Anyone Have Any Issues with amaysim Internet Coverage?

After getting one of those prepaid plans that were so popular on ozb a few weeks ago, and after about a month where everything seemed fine, I’m now experiencing major outages on my SIM card
First was an outage of 3-4 days with no coverage at all
Now I have the 4G connection back (seems like) but I actually have no internet connection on any app. I checked my phone and there are no issues with it

I live in bayside Melbourne. Anybody else is having issues?


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  • I've got both Amaysim and Telstra on my phone, and every once in a while they will both drop (separatly at a time) cut out completely for an random period of time.

    Damned either way - but for the most part is fine
    +Amaysim and their genorous extra data offers and excellent customer support makes me stay with them

    1. If you have a social media app installed, it will constantly waste data checking your account for updates- even when the app is 'not running', so this can cause fees for use you do not expect. Sames goes for mail and many other online or 'cloud' apps, (though you can usually set how often it checks your mailbox for new messages to minimise how much it happens)

    2. It's reliant on Optus. How is your signal strength? If you have a poor radio reception, or interference from other devices on the same band and/or network, sparks or machinery nearby, etc. the datalink will drop and your device will re-establish the link.

    If packet loss is high, your device will waste a lot of packets just maintaining the intermittent/failing internet link. Each time any Internet request is made by any app on your phone, Optus will bill 1024K even if it is only a few bytes worth of data used in their billing window (a 1-15 minute period, IIRC, dep. on your billing schedule)

  • Amaysim is on the Optus network. I have been getting notifications on my Optus plan in my area due to network upgrades which has been interrupting service at some times during the day (upgrading 4g to 5g), could be the same thing happening in your area.

    Might have to check your sim networks settings on your phone and update settings.

  • One of my sims is Amaysim. No issues here. SE Melb.

  • Occasionally my Amaysim service drops off (also Bayside) and the only way to turn it back on is to restart my phone.