Price Match after Deposit Paid

Hi friends,

Last week I ordered a lens from Teds and put down the $200 deposit.

Over the weekend George’s camera dropped their price for the lens by a comparative $150. Ouch!

Has anyone got had experience asking for a price match after deposit has already been placed? Not even necessarily at Teds. Just looking for advice on how to have that conversation, if you think it’s fair to have.


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    by placing a deposit this seems like a contract between you and Ted's. I'm not a legal person. The reason for placing the deposit is so that Ted's won't sell it before you're ready to pay for it in full. They are holding onto that lens for you and forgoing the possible sale in the interim.

    Did you get good advice when checking out the lens? This is worth something - those folk on the floor are employed and paid - as is the service if something goes wrong with your lens.

    • Thanks PD,

      I ordered over the phone with no instore interaction or preamble. They had it sent over from another store and required a $200 deposit before placing the order, rightly so. It will arrive in store this week for me to go and pick up and pay the remainder.

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    Just ask them. I'd say they'll probably will match it.

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    Just looking for advice on how to have that conversation

    …..seems like People only know how to text these days.

    How about "Last week I ordered a lens from Teds and put down the $200 deposit. The price has dropped to $xxxxx, is it possible to price match?"

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    It's fair to have the conversation. You would need to simply couch it in terms of since placing the deposit you've discovered much sharper pricing offered by a competitor and discuss whether there is any opportunity for "your" retailer to sharpen their price in the interest of customer goodwill and relations.

    It's fair for the retailer to decline your request for a price match.

    If the retailer does decline your request, you (probably … pending the nature of agreement surrounding the deposit) either have to complete the sale or forfeit the deposit.

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    Thank you everyone for your comments and suggestions. Very much appreciate your input! I gave them a call and explained the situation and they were able to knock $100 off the price and I was happy to accept.

    I get very nervous about this sort of stuff so again I really appreciate all your comments. They helped me get up the courage to call.


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      You should give them a review or compliment.

      After all - if the situation was reversed and the price went up, you wouldn't be happy.

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      Thanks for the follow up post. At least we're not left wondering like 97% of the forum posts.

      Well done for plucking up the courage.

      /insert proud emoji here/

    • You did well!

      Same, I feel calling people later in the day is when I am at my best.

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