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[PC] Free DLC - Total War: Shogun 2 - Battle of Kawagoe @ Steam


Base Game required to play.

To celebrate SEGA's 60th Anniversary, we're giving away one of the most impressive tactical battles in Total War: SHOGUN 2!

Originally only available as a pre-order bonus back in 2011, the Battle of Kawagoe is now free for everyone.

Will you be able to replicate General Ujiyasu’s success in the Battle of Kawagoe?

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  • Does dealbot ever sleep?

  • it says "Unavailable in your preferred languages" in Steam.
    Preferred language is set to English. welp.

  • I was really disappointed by this game. Being a homogenous culture, all the factions were largely the same, and not too much interesting ever seemed to happen. My favourites are Empire and Rome II, as they have a bit more variety given the settings.

    Anyone else think the same?

    • I really like Rome 2 and Three Kingdoms, rating for these two are very high. But they are also the only recent historical titles in the main series. Empire is just a little too old for my liking, the mechanics feel like Medieval 2 and just very cluncky now.

    • It's somehow wound up being my go-to for no sensible reason. Maybe I'm just a sucker for Taik Oz's exceptional soundtrack. But I'd agree. Shogun is basically an exercise in getting really experienced troops by aggressively getting up everyone's nose (while controlling all black ship trading) in order not to go broke, while simultaneously ensuring you don't get up everyone's nose to the point where the whole country places their boot in your bum at once. I get that 'this is the joke' of Shogun, but it's unfun and the endgame is unfun. I've still played like some stupendous amount of hours.

      Napoleon is still my favourite, but that's my favourite historical period.

      • I have sunk a lot of time into Napoleon too - I think one of the appeals is that it's very balanced and any of the playable factions are playable to win. I love the extended map for Empire, but there is some factions where it just isn't worth playing.

        Shogun just seems really repetitive - every game for every faction appears to work out the same. Smash a couple of small mobs early, slowly expand because it seems to take forever to build armies and get them to the front line, then see how long you can go before your economy collapses.

  • I hate when you can't add permanently. No "I don't have steam installed" - I'm on mobile. No i won't remember to get this when I format my pc soon. Most annoying pop up ever - It's about time Gabe stopped being useless and killed that.

    • I have Steam installed, but again there doesn't seem to be a way to add it to my account. Looks like I need to install the game?

    • I love Epic games for this. You can literally use any device and add the game to your account just from the browser.

  • Does the DLC work if you have the base game through Epic Games?

  • Thanks dealbot, whiever you're a bot or workaholic human who doesn't need to sleep or eat.