Help me anyone has KMART Toys Catalog ended 2nd November 2011?

HI all,

First post, be gentle…. I bought a nintendo 3DS from KMART for $199 after reading a catalog posted here. They are supposed to come with a free starter kits (pouch, stylus etc) but I didn't get it, only the console (Even the thumbnail shown on the promo post you can see the started kits with the 3DS :P). When I came back to Kmart they didnt have the previous catalog and unwilling to honor the starter kit unless I have the catalog. They offer a refund instead.

If anyone still has it it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much all, great site!!



  • I still have it will scan it for you

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    Just click on the link if you have probs I will send it thru

  • oh no - now we have first post be gentle comments in the forums as well.

    where the hell does this be gentle virus come from????

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      There was a post, ages and ages ago, which I can't find right now, that suggested based on this, that it was scotty ;-)

      Do note that little green “Beta” at the top of the logo though — so be gentle and don’t break it :)

      • ROFL

        I love how the OzB community has expired blogs. Good work!

        Now if only we can refocus them on this…

        Starting Etiquette

        For first time posters, one thing to avoid is, telling the community that you are new and asking them to take it easy on you. A number of people have tried this as their opener and it does not go down well.

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          You forget this one :

          From the 17/1/11 Mods will start removing “please be nice - first post” comments from deals.

        • Sounds like you are looking for a part-time job… :-)

        • I love how the OzB community has expired blogs…

          I actually have tried to get back to blogging — see this entry here :) Was going to write what's happening behind the scene. Now only if I have time to do it…

  • I love how the OzB community has expired catalogues. Good work!

  • The original post is a hoarder's dream…"someone needs my junk!"