[Price Error] Sea Sucker Komodo Bike Carrier $23.99 (was $2,791.99) + Shipping @ Wiggle

Mod Note: Price Error has been confirmed by Wiggle via email

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Perfect for convertible drivers or riders with smaller sports cars, this excellent Seasucker holder comes with everything you need to safely mount your 9mm QR hub and 12mm thru-axle hub road bike to your vehicle. Made from a solid, machined aluminium, it provides a strong base to confidently set your frame on, with the four vacuum cup suckers providing a damage-free hold to your car's rear end.

Easy to install and remove, the Komodo is an excellent carrier for the regular racer or adventurous enthusiast.

Probably an error, but anyway…

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    Obviously a pricing error. No need to waste the staff's time, issuing out refunds.

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      in this case stuff them….wiggle/crc have destroyed the online bike market and have jacked shipping up to insane levels.

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        Then just buy elsewhere and ignore them. No need to get salty about it, were all adults here.

        • +8

          were all adults here

          i'm currently still an adult

  • Hmm?? A decent saving there.Hahaha.

  • +3

    Was $2791.99 lol

  • Got one

  • Me two - crossing fingers it’s a pricing error as I didn’t need it

    • +1

      Is that you, Broden?

  • +7

    Bought one as a Scorpion Decoration

  • +1

    bought one, use it later

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    Hoping that this is genuine; if not, does anyone have any suggestions of a similarly priced bike rack that'll work with a small car like a Fiesta?

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    Bought one. Now to buy a bike.

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      And then a convertible…

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        I can see this becoming expensive. I don't even like riding bikes. But I saved 99%!

  • Probably meant to be listed at $2,399

  • Love how the model shows it attached to a ferrari

    • +2

      yeah because that's the type of buyer who would spend $2,791.99 on this

      • Is it made out of carbon fibre though?

        • Probably not

        • It's aluminium

  • Thanks OP.. will see how this pans out.

    • Empty… No gold in that pan!

  • Likely $2399. Doubt they will cope this much loss.

    • On the other hand, it's a massive company and a small stock item, so maybe?

  • "This item is not currently available"

  • omfg a 2K bike car carrier…..?? that is so stupid and thats coming from a pretty keen cyclist too

  • Some weird stuff going on at Wiggle today.

    • …order away then!
      any other bargains?
      i know someone who picked up a 6-7K bike for around $600 on one of these errors :D

      • Did they receive it?

        • yes….& several of his mates did too

          • @franco cozzo: Holy (Profanity) that's good. I was on the fence about getting this but I am not really a cyclist, I have a bike but only use it a bit

      • +1

        Campy Chorus groupo, $22

        • 12 speed groups for chips..missed em all

      • Damn… I just got an order successfully placed for $$$$ carbon wheels for not many $ at all… let's see what happens

        • damn all the mtb carbon wheelsets are gone

    • I think a staff member kept on forgetting about the decimal points that will be added

    • +1

      Yeah work experience kids report ain't going to be too good :D

    • Jeff fell asleep again lol

  • These are great, pity about the stock though

  • guys wtf? https://www.wiggle.com.au/evoc-bike-travel-bag-pro-310-litre... 99% off down to $9?!?………… work experience kid on duty?

    • Ordered

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    If you'd asked me whether $23.99 or $2,791.99 was the price error for a bike rack, I'd have chosen the latter.

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    • Oh no, anything but KILLING

  • +2

    poor bugger who will be staying up to process refunds

    • screw crc/wiggle …..they screwed cyclists the world over and really stuffed us over during covid by upping the shipping to crazy dollars.
      not to mention decimating the online / b&m bike shops

      • +1

        The shipping increased because pre-covid your parcels were on an plane full of passengers who were subsidising the shipping cost.

        • +1

          they had already increased pricing prior to this and then upped the ante even more back in the 2nd quarter this year
          it now costs nearly $30 shipping for one small item and the threshold for free is $200
          they also have warehouses in AU so they have no excuse

          • @franco cozzo: To be fair the shipping costs more but I got my last order in 5 days from ordering, from UK. That's faster than from Melbourne.

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        Not wrong, I don't bother with them anymore, bikebug is a pretty good setup and a lot of the prices are the same anyway. Better yet can pop into the store in Woolloongabba BNE

  • How does one even find this kind of deal

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    Expired. Saved $23.99

  • RockBros sell suction mounted bike carriers for a fraction of Seasucker's retail.

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    $2k (real price $1.5k) down to $300!! for factory forks!!!!

    • Fox shocks are on SUVs and Utes like a ford raptor as an option, Didnt know they were on freaking bikes

    • +1

      Ty.. got one.. rolling the dice and hopefully it works.

    • You had me at !!! !! !!!!
      Let's see

    • This is the real steal, tempted but haven't hit the trails enough yet as only bought mtb a few weeks back (though even for a play and then sell on you would make a few $ from it)

      • +2

        youve got to know what youre buying when it comes to a fork…you dont just buy one and hope it suits

        • True, but at that price you could easily re-sell for 1K

        • mate shut your mouth.. this is ozb.. let the discount speak!

          fast forward 1 week upon delivery damn why doesn't this fit? why did i buy forks? i don't even have a bike!

        • 100% agree if I was in the market for one, though seems like a good business decision just to make money on a resell lol. Not going to purchase, only one left so others have the same idea I think

          Edit: all gone now

        • https://www.seasucker.com.au/for-cyclists/bike-rack-accessor...

          Had a quick look - the adaptors cost more than the carrier. lol

  • +1

    Fox Suspension Float DPS Factory for $70!! 190mm

    • +1

      Everything's OOS, trying to get a dropper post and beaten to it. A couple of NS and Crank Brothers wheelsets that may be worthwhile but looks like everyone is trawling for price errors as well, and a few forks just not my size

    • You link takes me to this price!
      List Price AU$1,032.44 Save 7%

      Was feeling disappointed till I read underneath…
      "Free delivery available to Bulgaria when you spend over AU$182.20"

  • +3

    Refund received. Oh well it was worth a try.

  • No dice.. Oh well, maybe next time :P

  • +1

    Mission failed. Better luck next time boys

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