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1/2 Price RRP on Aveeno @ Chemist Warehouse / Amazon AU (eg Daily Moisturising Lotion 1L $12.99 / $11.69 S&S (Sold Out))


1/2 Price RRP on Aveeno items (excludes Aveeno Baby) at Chemist Warehouse. Amazon have matched quite a few, plus a further 10% off with subscribe & save.

eg: Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion $12.99 Chemist Warehouse / Amazon AU, or a further 10% off = $11.69 with subscribe & save.. Sold out

Previous $11.99 deal, gone up by $1 but $0.30 less if you use Amazon Sub & Save.

All Amazon Aveeno

Free delivery at Amazon with either Prime membership, $39 spend or subscribe & save if you have an active subscription.

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  • Damn, just click and collected one of these yesterday at full price! No returns in Victoria - can’t even do a bait and switch!

  • This stuff is the best, especially if you don't like fragrance in your lotions. Even with that aside it absorbs in amazingly, not greasy like all the others (nivea etc)

    My 2L from almost 3 years ago is running low, good timing.

    • Thank you for mentioning the no added fragrance. I have allergies and suffer from running nose and sneezing whenever I use anything with fragrance.

      • You're welcome buddy! You are going to be happy with this stuff. I can't put any lotion with fragrance on my face without having watering eyes all day. This is the first one I've been able to use and have used it daily for almost 3 years.

        Also brilliant for winter time when we spend too much time in heated offices etc and your skin dries up and can help in summer when you get sunburnt.

        My daughter calls it "magic cream" and applies it to bruises etc (disclaimer: don't not help bruises)

  • How does Subscribe and Save work and can I cancel the subscription right after I placed my order?

    • you'll be billed every x months for the product, yes should be an option to. I have done it for the last deal.

    • Cancel the subscription once the order is shipped to be safe.

      The price is not locked in so no reason to keep the subscription active.

    • Thanks! I'll do as suggested!

  • As much as I love Aveeno, I hate this particular bottle. The pump tube doesn't get everything at the bottom of the bottle when you start getting close to empty, meaning lots of the cream is wasted because it's impossible to get out. I prefer the tubes personally, but it's a top product nonetheless.

  • Sold out on Amazon :( Just missed it