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I've recently started learning Spanish. After trying out a couple of audio courses, I got a little frustrated at the non interactive nature of learning. I had a look for qualified tutors in Sydney, but most charge $40/hr+ for 1 on 1 lessons.

I did a bit of research online and found Italki, which is kind of like uber for tutoring. There's thousands of teachers that are qualified (they also have community tutors, more on that later). The best part is lessons are way cheaper - I'm paying about $15/h for a native spanish tutor 😄

I found a tutor that's awesome at teaching, is super fun and available for lessons in our afternoon (from venezuela). I also talked to a friend who's learning Japanese and has a similarly awesome experience.

They also have "Community Tutors" which are native speakers that can help you wish conversation practice if you're at that level (ie, not a beginner like me). They tend to be cheaper, $5-10/hr.

I checked OZB to see if there were any deals, but it's not been posted before.

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  • For those reporting - I did read the rules, once it's added to the referral system the mods will remove the link from the post :)

  • Damn only for new accounts since its a referral.

    Just so people know, italki gouge as much money out of you as they can, I signed up with a similar offer and their website never stopped loading (I think it tried to open the app since I was on mobile but I didn't want the app) so it used up the coupon, I messaged their support and after about 3 weeks of excruciating slow and rude emails, they basically told me tough luck. They also charge you something like 10% minimum in processing fees, which is quite a bit if you buy a tutor package (more than a whole 1 hr class).

    • I haven't had any issues with them (abiet I haven't had to contact support).

      Processing fees are around $2 on a $50 purchase, which seems about what paypal charges? (maybe a little bit more, but not way more)

      • I remember my last one had a $20 fee on top of it, not sure if they have changed or if it's hidden until you actually get all the way through the checkout system

    • Never had any issues either and have done 60+ lessons over the last year or so, for best value book lesson packages instead of single lessons, and always choose to pay in AUD instead of using PayPals conversion - their exchange rate is always worse.

      Payment fees do suck but I normally load on $1-200 at a time to make it worthwhile (still way cheaper than a tutor/language school)

  • If anyone wants to practise Mandarin please give me a PM. I just started learning!
    Might check out the deal once payday comes around.

  • great post! thanks a lot.

    I am studying Korean and Spanish right now and think I will give this a go.