Price Range for RTX 2080 Super Atm??

Just wondering how much I should drop on a 2080 super considering the 3000 series are out (on their way)

I mainly play niche (and really niche) titles and jrpgs so 2080s are enough for now

Can’t really justify myself getting a 3000 series day one considering the problems that gpus have at launch… personally id rather wait for the ti/super later along the line if i had to get the 3000s

Currently using a 1660 super atm on 1440p



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    the kinks have pretty much been ironed out. no reviewers are reporting new issues
    no sense to buy a 2080 then a 3000 series. get a 3070 for 800ish when they release or as you say hold out for a ti or later release, 20gb cards are otw according to leaks

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    • Get with the times, buddy.

      They haven't had that feature for decades.

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