Baby Play Mat - Little Wiwa/ Muchkin and Bear/ Grace and Maggie

Has anyone seen this on sale ? I have been waiting to get one of these but the price seems to be consistent with no discounts in last few months


  • Good lord the price on those things. $179!?

    Get something like this -

    Easy to clean, a fraction of the price, and when your kid totals it you won't rue spending so much money on it. Ikea have the foldy foam mats as well, again a fraction of the price.

    They look fabulous but for that price it better clean the drool and mashed in banana off itself.

  • Wow people truly go bananas when they think they are getting "designer" baby stuff. $180 for a playmate they probably for for $2 from China.

  • Theses don't go in sale much! Kmart has a cheaper equivalent if you're prefer something less expensive!

  • I bought a Playmat from Amazon for $60, 1.8m x 2m. But it is 1.5cm thick which is higher than most mats Ive found. Foldable and easy to clean. There's a few rips but that would have happened no matter what mat I bought. Still available on Amazon if you are interested

  • Costco has one

  • What boring and monotonous mats. You want your baby to be exposed to vibrant colour and details, a range of shapes and objects. Not lie on a boring single pastel colour mat for hours. What's the point? For the aesthetic? I sure hope the baby has colourful and engaging toys to cover up that boring mat.

    • Lol.. just like your personality and character.. There is no need to make such comments if its something you would not buy. I have seen this mats at my brothers place who purchased them so their child is engaged in toys and not in the mat (mind you which could also become monotonous as you cant change the prints ) but definitely change toys.

      On a side note it also depends on where the parents would want to spend money ? Why do people buy clothes from purebaby and seed which are in single pastel / light color clothing for $25-$40 a romper than buying something at target/best and less/ Kmart.

      So you need to STFU and stop making derogatory comments on parenting.

    • TNTomer - Some life lessons for you !

      • Wow you felt the need to come back and comment again just to get the response you so desperately needed. Look to each their own, it's an internet forum, it's literally the designated place to fully express opinion and suggestions. Enjoy your mats. Definitely the single most important purchase decision you'll be making you're entire life. Cheers bro.

  • Wow what a lot of negativity. We got a Freddy and co one ( and absolutely love it! Best money we spent on the baby hands down!

    I've found that a lot of the brands (Freddie and co, mikro australia, dwellinger, munchkin and bear, bumpa, Grace and Maggie, skip hop, little wiwa, luxe at play) are very similar prices and come into stock at similar times, so probably made in the same warehouse just with different designs.

    And yes there are cheaper ones out there, but you get what you pay for. Our good quality one is on the lounge floor, used every day as it's so soft and the dog has never left a claw mark in it. The $40 one from Kmart we have in the baby room is no where nearly as soft or nice to sit on, quite squeeky to tread on, and has heaps of claw marks in it even though used way less. It's a very different material. Great as a secondary mat, but not for every day use.

    They very rarely go on sale and never anything massive. I've only ever seen one $20 off sale and one free hooded towel sale for the Freddy and co ones in the year I've been looking, and the others are very similar. I wouldn't be holding out for a massive sale as we didn't get ours until bub was 4 months old and regretted we didn't have it from birth!

    Good luck. :)

    • Yay ! Finally someone who looks beyond just the price and comparable items and yes i was surprised with the negativity too

      • I have bought very little new. Most of my stuff is 2nd hand off the buy nothing page on Facebook (I'm so grateful to my amazing local community. I could count the number of clothes I've paid for on one hand) and this is probably the only expensive thing I've paid full price for. Absolutely no regrets! For something that is used all day, every day (my dog and 10 month old are literally sitting on it right now) $180 is absolutely nothing in the scheme of things.

  • If it makes you feel any better, I had the munchkin and bear one for about 2 years.

    It cleaned up like brand new and I on sold it for 100$ on marketplace.

    They are very good quality and look pretty decent in your living room when they are still young. It's nice not having every bit of the house look like a children's play room.