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Maxxis Refuse 700x23 Tyre - Wirebead $19.99 + $8.99 Delivery @ Velogear


Great tyres and pretty good price. Usually sell for around $40-50, albeit the folding versions.

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  • No one rides 700x23 tyres any more

    • I do ;-;, cheap bike cheap wheels

    • I still have some 700x23…but having moved to 25, 28, and now 32mm…

      I really don't feel a huge loss in speed, but it is a huge gain in comfort and not eating in if you hit gravel or dirt patches while riding.

    • I picked up a used 2000's era Orbea road bike for $200 recently to use as my 'go out and leave it anywhere' bike. 23mm tyres, 8 speed - Good value in older tech, difference between a 8 speed cassette for $25 vs $80 for 11 speed.. might grab a set of these to replace when needed.

  • 700x25 also, if you like some extra comfort :-)


  • Anyone point me in the right direction have a diamondback calico women's bike, bought an inner tube Repco Bicycle Tube 700C, but it popped even before riding. Same thing happened with the 2nd tube, inflated to far less pressure on the 2nd one, still popped.

    I noticed when inflating, there was a softer spot on one part of the tyre, I don't think the tube was pinched or anything, went in according to instructions, etc.

    Some of the numbers on the tires are
    700c X 28/38c
    etrto 622 x 20

    and I think I saw 700c X 45, will have to double check later.

    I check the inner tyre for any thorns, etc.

    What am I doing wrong?

    • "Some of the numbers on the tires are
      700c X 28/38c"

      That sounds like the tube. As the tube has a range, whereas the tyre is specific. Basically you have to get the tube to match the tire.

      This site I looked at says tires are 700x40

      Though if yours are a different model, or replaced, the tires could be different.

      If your tube is28/38 and the tire is 40, that's not ideal, but should probably be be okay. But it may be that the tube is bursting to fit a larger tire, as you say it's popping?

      That said, if it's just wrong terminology and you just mean it's leaking you can test pump the tube before installing for any leaks. But if you have to buy a new tube anyway, make sure it matches the tire.

    • Where is the part of the inner tube that has an air leak? Try to pump it up and put into a big bucket of water to see where comes the bubbles if you didn’t know how to look for the air leak. If it is leaking near the valve then check your rim tape if it has cover the hole enough not to let the metal sharp bit cut the tube near the valve. If it is the reason use an electrical tape to stick and cover up the hole and use a screw driver to pierce the tape only big enough for the valve to get through.

      1. Make sure the size for the inner tube is suitable for the tyre size. Looking at the pictures(https://www.rei.com/rei-garage/product/879348/diamondback-ca...) - you'll need 40c. Looks like you'll need a wide tube - https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/au/en/lifeline-wide-road...

      2. Clean the inside of the tyres before installing. Sometimes it's worthwhile replace with a new better tyre?

      3. Also ensure the rim tapes are intact and clean. You can find cheap rim tapes on ebay. As above, make sure they fit your wheel.

      I use old tube carcasses as an extra layer of protection.

      • Does 40/45 refer to the width?

        The tape on the inside looks brand new, couldn't feel any irregularities.

        • Inner tube 28/38 and tyre is 45c? If so likely the tubes are too skinny for the tyre. Try to match the larger number on the tube to the number on the tyre if too skinny it will get too thin once pumped up and pop.

        • Did you also check the inner of the tyre too see any sharp bit pierced through from the outer tyre? If there is no problem with the tyre and rim then likely the inner tube is too small like I said above.

        • Yes. You'll need 35-45c width tube.

          BTW checkout https://forums.bicyclenetwork.com.au/ friendly folks on there should help you out

        • Thanks for everyone's help I found a 700/45c tyre on eBay, puncture resistant, so I'm going to try that.

          I've felt the inside of the tyre 5 times, and nothing unusual. Fabric tape on the rim seems perfect too.

  • https://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com/road-bike-reviews/m...

    Really slow tire, way faster one's out there with as good if not better puncture protection

    Eg. Michelin Pro4 Endurance V2

  • do they have 700x28 on sale?

  • Sorry dummy question, is qty 1 a set of tyres or just a tyre?