English Premier League on Optus Sports

how is the "live" stream quality on Optus sports ? Any Lags?

I have a IPTV also , but its 3-4 mins delayed.

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  • "3-4 mins delayed"

    Thats just unexceptable….

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      Unacceptable even.

  • I do not know how much lag there is, but it seems very small. In the USA I had an NBC sports pack for premier league and the Arsenal app would tell me the goals before I saw them. This has not happened with Optus yet. (And yes, Arsenal has scored a few goals…)

    • The Arsenal app is usually slow. I get notifications on PL app much before it.

  • its complete sh*t, constant lags. pauses every 5 minutes for 10 seconds or so.

    even random games like kosovo vs slovenia was lagged, this is at 3am in the morning.

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      its complete sh*t, constant lags. pauses every 5 minutes for 10 seconds or so.

      Completely opposite experience for me.

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      I think it is because of your internet.

      • Nope, no other provider has this issue,Stan, Netflix, ksyo all fine.

        Also streamed from Gold Coast airport between flights which has very fast internet and it buffers.

        Either way it sucks I wish could just put on Pay tv. Might get fetch tv

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          Get fetch if your happy for the extra cost?

          but i have had no issues with it in the past 18months

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    No lag no problems on fetch tv.

  • doesnt Optus have a free trial like Kayo?

  • Optus sport is good but not prefect, apparently the fetch box version of Optus sport is better and runs more like the old Foxsports did but for me the Optus sports app with the Chromecast works fine and is a financially acceptable solution.

    Anyone moaning about it probably have the cheapest 12mps internet

    As for the lag it is usually 5-10s behind on the app if you are watching directly, if you cast it to a TV you probably get around 20-60s lag

    I've had optus sports since day one it was a HELL of a lot worst when they 1st started but in the past 12-18months it has gotten WAYYYYY better

    • thanks.. lag in seconds is acceptable!!

  • No lags for me, works fine.

    They now have Optus Sport on android TV which works great on my Shield TV, saves me casting with my phone.

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