This Aeropress Coffee Bundle Good for $159?

Hi guys, looking to up my game in coffee brewing, what do you think of this bundle for $159?

1 x AeroPress Coffee maker – Latest V3.2
Filter Cap
1 x 350 Micro Filters for AeroPress or the equivalent of a years supply
1 x Rhinowares Tall Grinder
1 x Ten Mile Stainless Coffee Filter for AeroPress
1 x Coffee Brewing Scale


  • +3

    Decent value, if you're comparing the individual prices vs the bundle (note AB prices are always inflated). $159 however is not worth it to just brew Aeropress.

    Would recommend paying more for a better grinder if you're looking to explore other brew methods (pourover, French press etc).

    A Timemore C2 ($70-90) + an Aeropress set ($48) + Scale ($20) all from Amazon would be much better value. (The same scale AB sells for $45 is $20 on amazon)

    • Thanks will look into it :)

  • After years of struggling through with a Aeropress, I highly recommend just skipping it and going to a Moka pot. Consistently and easily better and similar time to make.

    • Any specific model you would recommend?

      • I just grabbed any off Amazon. Theres a few. Sorry I cant help further.

        I agree with sween64 though. If you dont have access to stove, then an aeropress makes a better coffee than Blend43 :D

    • Depends where you are making coffee. I’ve got a Delter Coffee Press (quite similar to new Aeropress) and it’s handy as all I need is access to hot water, I don’t need a stove.