Hostinger Online Ecommerce Store Feedback Request

I request for your kind feedback on "Hostinger Ecommerce +" (
I am looking to create an online ecommerce store (will not be using the payment option) as the nature of the business is "Hire" items so visitor require to click a "Hire Enquiry" instead of "Pay Now" button at the checkout.

I am wondering is Hostinger reliable if anyone has used it? currently it has 45% cashback from Shop back as well.
Hostinger provide "Zyro" as their website builder (

Your response will be much appreciated.


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  • Don't trust the ShopBack Cashback. I did it and my Cashback got rejected even though I filmed the whole thing

  • So the aim is for customers to get in touch with you to get a quote? No need for online payments?

    Why not just use a Wordpress site with your own domain?

    • Thanks..
      Yes just for a quote and i will require to display all the products with a cost.
      Does the would suffice for my requirements?

      My preferred host will be VentraIP

      • I think it will if you don’t want the payment, customer management and inventory management side of things.

        Wordpress does it’s own hosting but it’s also free. You can buy a domain from ventra and point it there. Or you can buy it directly from WP.

        It’s free so sign up and have a play with the themes and such.