Is a Sonos Sub an Overkill for 2 Bed Apartment?

Hi guys

Planning to grab the Sonos while Qantas is having points sale but my main concern is noise complaints from the sub.

I don't ever intent to crank the sub to its max level. Can someone living in an apartment give me some ideas? My apartment size is around 85sqm

Edit: guys thanks for all the suggestions so far. I really appreciate it. One thing I forgot to mention is that I'm moving into my own place this time next year which is a lot bigger (approx 130sqm) and also it's the top level so aren't many units on the level. My living room is also kinda isolated so I don't think it will annoy my neighbours at least not my next door neighbour


  • I've installed a few Sonos set ups over the years and the subs are very powerful. It will be overkill. I don't think you'd ever use it passed 30% volume.
    Even the Play:5's on their own are bassy enough for an apartment I think.

  • If you crack the music in an apartment on 5W speakers you’re going to get complaints from the neighbours, let alone a Sonos sub. Stick with headphones or a very small speaker at low volume unless you want to be that guy.

    • Yeh I' don't wanna be that guy lol its just the sub really brings the sound to a whole diff level

      • Live in a house if you want a sub.

        • Can't afford a house unfortunately. One of the reasons I wanted to buy sub is also because I'm moving to my own apartment next year top level and 130sqm, will that be OK you think? Also my future living room is def far from my neighbours

          • @sauce2k: No. It will not be ok. Sub in not acceptable in an apartment.

            Instead of wasting money on a Sonos you can't use, start saving up for a house so in the future you can use a Sonos.

            • @Burnertoasty:

              No. It will not be ok. Sub in not acceptable in an apartment.

              Does it apply for sub that is (probably) not as powerful, such as: sub that comes with soundbar like Samsung Q950T?
              Can't you just turn the sub volume down to avoid pissing off neighbour?

              My apartment is carpeted and double brick walls (rather than the usual gyprock walls), hoping that helps with dampening the sound to not vibrate to neighbours'

              • @OzFrugie: Low frequencies from subs travel through the walls and ceilings. Any subwoofer in an apartment is inconsiderate.

              • @OzFrugie: When I was living with a housemate he had a Samsung soundbar and sub. Played it on low to medium and could barely hear anything down the hall. Powered subs intended for huge home systems is another case though. Even on low you can feel it probably through the whole apartment building lol

                • @Monstalova: Do u know which samsung model he has?

                  Interesting, I have been using accusound 5.1 speakers in apartment with floorboard but never get any complaints. Maybe the sub is broken and i just dont know it lol

  • Not sure about overkill but I know for sure Sonos is overpriced

  • I don't ever intent to crank the sub to its max level. Can someone living in an apartment give me some ideas? My apartment size is around 85sqm

    Just be aware that the noise and reverberations in an apartment block can get pretty noisy n amplified for your neighbours on your level as well as those below & above your apartment. I think it is ok to play music n such at reasonable times of the day but be aware that Lockdowns mean that a LOT of people are working from home so be a bit more aware of your surroundings & courteous of others and get a good pair of decent headphones instead :-)

    I live in a low density apartment block which is newly built with about 8 apartments per level over 6 levels. I know we have had noise complaints against our neighbour from those at the lower level and upper and on our level (myself included) as she plays at unreasonable times (she's a "DJ" in training apparently).

    • Yeh good point. I don't play much music during the day im quite busy at home myself I mainly use it for TV and music on the weekend.

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    Using a sub in an apartment block is a great way to piss off your neighbours. The reverberations will travel through walls and floors even at lower volumes.

  • Yeah, don't get a sub when you live in an apartment. Dick move which will drive your neighbours literally insane.

    • I can't imagine revolving your life around others like this. Apartment living is clearly not for me.

      • 'Revolving your life around others' is a bit of an overstatement - just don't get a ridiculously loud bass speaker, the benefit you gain from it is tiny compared to the misery it can bring to others.

        Unless of course the most important thing in your life is bass sound, then I guess you would be revolving your life around others….

      • Absolute misery 24/7

      • I used to think it would be a nice change from suburbia….then I stayed in one for a week interstate and realized it was not for me at all.

  • I have a Playbase and a Sub in an apartment.. and I have the Sub level adjusted to -5 out of consideration for my neighbours.

    • How does it sound with - 5. Is that like at 30% capacity

      • What I mean is, that in a small space, the Sub is pretty powerful, and so I attenuate the volume of it so as not to piss off the people living around me.
        Your individual situation would vary based on where you place the sub, the construction of your apartment complex etc.
        I have a stairwell beside where the sub sits, so I could probably run it louder - but don't need to.

  • Subwoofer will vibrate the whole building LOLOLOLOL

  •  and also it's the top level

    Even worse for those below…

    Maybe just invest in some good headphones!

  • I’m for a sub, it will add depth to the lower end and you won’t have to drive your amp as hard to get a fuller sound, ie it will sound better even at lower volume.
    I have a pair of high end bookshelf speakers and thus resisted getting a sub for years, eventually picked up a JB special and have no regrets.

    That said these days you can upset your neighbours even at low volume, strange times. So if the sub is for lots of doof doof, don’t, you will be that guy.

    You may find this interesting, linking a std sub to Sonos speakers from ikea. The guy does other videos on tear down comparison of Sonos bs symfonisk systems.

  • The short answer is yes. Although you would enjoy the deep rumble of thunderous clouds, this will actually reverberate into neighbour's apartments. Them Thump Thump Thump….. and that is just them banging on your walls.

    However, I have a 300w Yamaha base in which I "cushion" by placing it upon a number of towels. Possibly you could try that.

  • Add this to the list of things I won't be able to enjoy if I move out of my home.

    I think a potential solution would be to buy a two-level penthouse with entertainment on the top floor. Or buy the apartment above and below you and leave them empty.

  • RULE NO.1

    You will get complaints from throughout the building.

    Just DONT!


  • LOL yes!! When I was living in an apt, I got complaints from the first day I moved in! And it was the Logitech Z623 sub lol. With Sonos Sub I am pretty sure your neighbours will be start vibrating even on the initial "TruePlay" setup :D