Which Carrier Has The Best Plan to Get an iPhone 12 Pro for 36 Month Plan

Hey Bargainers,
I'm thinking of getting the new iPhone 12 Pro on a payment plan for 36 months.

Do you guys know which carrier has the most cheapest plan in getting this and how much it would cost per month for the phone + Plan.

Appreciate if someone can help me

Thanks Boys!


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    Depends on your needs for data as the big 3 will just split the cost of the phone (rrp) over 36 months then chuck on the sim cost per month on top of that. Most value but only 12 months would be the jbhifi telstra gift card incentives otherwise Optus may be the cheapest for the 36 month term as I beleive they have the cheapest sim plan of the 3.

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    Wouldn't it be cheaper to purchase the phone via EPP and purchase the SIM plan separately? You'll save 3-5% using EDU Portal and 10-15% using Company Portal.

    • Is there an EPP for Apple?

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        Yes, pretty much any big company will have an EPP.

        • Wonder if I'll be able able to use it. Are you able to post the link? Thanks

        • From what I'm aware, iphones aren't included in apples EPP

          • @hondapikachu: My bad. iPhones aren't on the EDU portal but are available on the Business and Enterprise portal. If you want EDU discount I guess you could go with Optus and get 10% off for the first 12 months.

      • there is.. but prices aren't that good. Like MAYBE $50-$100 off the normal pricing

  • Google Search: iPhone 12 Pro 36 month plans

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    To be honest if you can afford purchasing upfront and hopping on a pre-paid SIM (with Boost or something similar) instead of getting locked into a 3 year contract I would do so. Also if you do not use all that Data that each plan offers then maybe consider this option instead. A lot of people don't even dent their data caps so why pay extra for something that does not get used? If you do then you would get some sort of value with post paid I suppose. Just my own opinion.

    ANYWAYS to answer your question from what i've seen Vodafone seems to have the "cheapest" (similar handset repayments but cheapest SIM plan compared to Optus or Telstra), however, it is entirely up to you on who has better reception out of the Big 3.

    These are current pre-order for the iPhone 12 Pro that I've seen:

    For the iPhone 12 Pro Pre-order ATM with Telstra it is 24 month or 12 month SIM plans only available.
    So the SIM plan (Say Small 40GB data is $55 p.month) + handset repayments (base model 128gb, is about $70.79 per month over 24 months).

    Has the option to pay for the handset over 36 months ($47.18 handset repayments over 36 months, base model 128gb). Works out to be about the same as Telstra (over 24 months) but their SIM Plan is cheaper ($49 p month with 60GB Data)

    Has the option to pay for handset over 36 months ($47.19 handset repayments over 36 months, base model 128gb). Same as Telstra (over 24 months) and Optus (24 or 36 months) but their SIM plan to add on is cheaper than Optus and Telstra ($45 p month with 60GB Data or $40 p month with 40gb data slower speeds)

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    geesus you want to be locked for 36 months just so you can carry the latest iphone because you can't afford it buy outright?

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      Other people's contract preferences are of none of your concerns, neither is their financial ability to buy out right a phone or chose to do otherwise.
      If you're not willing to assist, don't bother posting at all.

    • Common bro, We all have different financial status in life and it is interest free for three years. At the same time, he will not be force to upgrade with the new phone for the next 3 years.

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      I'd agree with this, 36 months is a long time to be paying off a phone especially if it breaks in the first year. It's largely playing into the hands of phone companies who want to get as much money out of you as possible by reducing the psychological pain of a purchase. (pretty much what afterpay and zippay are all about).

      Probably should be looking at a cheaper phone if it's a bit of a stretch financially, else buy it outright.

      • Yup buy it outright and get 6.5% off with the JB Hi-Fi GC with your employment rewards portal (if your company has it).

        • wait woot…I have access to JB corporate , what's this 6.5% off?

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      If it’s 0% interest on a payment plan, that’s not too bad. I wouldn’t risk it with Apple instalment plans though, such a pain especially to your credit rating if you miss a payment. However don’t ever go into debt for a mobile phone, it’s not worth it.

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    Hope you realise not everyone on ozbargain is a male?

  • Telstra and Optus and Vodafone

  • There is no phone plan that includes the cost of phone and sim in plan and provides gift card?

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