Old Monitor → Smart TV?

I have an old Dell monitor U2412m and as I wasn't using it, I was wondering if it were economical to convert it to a smart TV.

What I've got:
Dell U2412m monitor (DVI, DP, VGA)

What I think I need:
Vodafone TV (Discontinued) ~$80
Splitter : HDMI to DVI + 3.5mm audio ~$35
(Eg. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323227902046 )

So is there anything else? I don't like the HDMI splitter - it could be unreliable. Basically I only wanted two power plugs, but this (monitor, splitter, speakers, Vodafone TV) has four. Any better ideas? (It's going to be used by a technophobic person, so I want to keep it simple - actually the technophobic person is me)

I do need the free to air tuner in the Vodafone TV as there may not be any internet access. Any alternatives to the Vodafone TV now that it's discontinued? Do I need an external antenna (in regional NSW)?

*. https://www.dell.com/community/Monitors/What-sound-bar-is-go...
Says the AX510 will fit.

Price comparison:
Jeepers, this price is hard to compete with, although that is only 720p


  • Vodafone TV, to any HDMI soundbar by HDMI cable (included with the Vodafone TV)

    Soundbar to Monitor by HDMI to DisplayPort (or HDMI to DVI-D) cable

    2 power cables, plus antenna cable…. I dare say you will need an external antenna.

    Very disappointed to see that the Vodafone TV has been discontinued… :(

    • So a soundbar with HDMI input and output? Any soundbar recommendations?

      This sounds like a better idea than using a HDMI splitter to separate audio from video

  • I think a Dell Ultrasharp will look better than your average TV, as long as size and viewing angles worked for you. It's too bad your monitor doesn't have a 3.5mm audio output built in, or even an optical audio output. I guess this is why TVs tend to make better TVs. I have a DAC connected to my TV over toslink and then two mono party speakers connected over y split off cables. You have more versatility with a TV, you can even fall back on the in built speakers if you ever needed to.

  • Yeah that 32" from JB is a compelling argument, and would look much cleaner. If you sold the monitor that'd make the TV purchase even less.

    The Foxtel Now Box also has an built-in TV tuner, with the caveat that you're required to sign up for a Foxtel Now trial (and then cancel. If you cancel same day as sign up, your trial will continue) in order to sign into the device before you can start using the FTA or Smart features.

    If you're just chasing FTA for the foreseeable future, another option is to buy a basic Set Top Box, and you may find you can do away with the splitter you listed above and use a HDMI to DVI Cable + a 2 x Male RCA to 3.5mm Female Cable for the soundbar you've listed (or alternatively a set of powered speakers (eg. Logitech)

    • Yeah, If all you need is FTA TV, a set top box can be bought cheap off Gumtree and then you'd be able to hook up even a set of computer speakers.

  • Why bother ? lol

  • For that money (provided you'll need some semi decent speakers as well) you could pick up a secondhand smart tv off marketplace or gumtree. Personally thats what i'd go for.

  • I am just using a USB TV tuner to watch FTA TV with a PC. May be you can find an old SFF PC and make it a proper smart TV. I am using these speakers. Use DVI and 3.5mm in PC so no money is wasted for a HDMI splitter.

  • You could sell the monitor for the cost of a second hand smart tv on Gumtree/Facebook marketplace…