Logitech MX Keys or K380 Bluetooth Keyboard. Any Discounts Coming up?

Want to get a k380 or MX keys… but checking price all 69-89 dollars…
And looking on Ozbargin, last discount was 39 in november and 44 in april 2019

Wondering if anyone know where the best price is…
or maybe update me when it comes up…

update… actually MX keys look desirable…price has rinsen so much since the covid though

ps. im in melbourne, vic
ps2. can i post this here?


    • Pricewise, it looks good…but (maybe just me) i don't like the extrac bulk for the phone stand, would be good if they made it detacheable..
      thanks for the suggestion

  • The Logitech MX keys is a great product, would recommend it. Unfortunately it’s not on sale often as the demand is high due to WFH/COVID.

    I did however see it on a semi-decent discount price, about $160 from the usual $199 on amazon during prime day.

    My suggestion would be to wait for the Black Friday sales, I’m sure you’ll pick up the product for a similar if not better price in November, that is, if you can afford to wait it out!

    • Thanks for the suggestion (i completely forgot about black friday)… I'm not in much of a hurry…. do you think deals are better on black friday or boxing day?

  • You are comparing totally different keyboards, the MX Keys is a premium back lit, soft touch full sized keyboard with Flow Software.

    The K380 and K480 are nothing like that and at totally different price points (on sale and retail). They the K380 and K480 are both smaller, portable(ish) and I am guessing suited for tablet demographic.

    Yes they are both keyboards, but Ferrari and Ford are also both cars …

    You should be comparing to K780 … I was going to create a thread (MX Keys vs K780) but OZB pointed me to this existing thread ….

    • You're correct they're different, in terms of portability and price point.
      Which is why I am comparing here, for triple the price, is MX keys worth 3x more than k380.
      And for circumstances now, if covid is going away next year, i would probably value portability over premium.

      But i have decided to get mx keys coz it looks gorgeous and is waiting for a sale :))))))

      Btw, would actually love to see how mx keys stack up against k780 (being half the price)

      Thanks for the suggestion

      • Harvey Norman had the K780 for $56 and JB Hi Fi staff showed me on their POS unit it's discontinued EOL for $69 but no stock in any JB store …. Harvey Norman disagreed and said it wasn't EOL … hmmm

        I think if the K780 was $56 I would buy, as it's smaller than others and still has Flow
        The K375 was cheap looking and felt funny to type on

        MX Keys would need to be $100-150 for me to buy it … but the built in battery is a problem as I dont like charging my MX Master 3 …

  • also waiting on black Friday sales for the MX keys keyboard been hanging out for it! WFH for awhile

    • mx keys and mx bundle all holding strong, im looking at retailers in canada and china having it for half the price even at normal price point without discount…

  • Although MX Keys good, the backlight will drain the battery a lot and for that, I think K780 is a better buy as it is cheaper and have longer battery life. Also, what about Logitech G613? It is also wireless and almost at the same price as MX Keys.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I have no need for gaming thus G613 would not appeal to me.
      The MX keys can apparently last 5 months with backlight off, and it looks comparable to the apple magic keyboard premium and slim profile.
      Customizable keys and flow with mx master 3 is something ive always wanted to try.