I have the EB Games list of trade in 2 games for new game..

I'm not sure where this should be put but I have been handed the full list of available games in the trade 2 games and pay $29/39 for new titles.The list changes regularly i believe but this was accurate as of 29/9/20


(Sorry for the delay, never used Imgur before)

Also was told that the deal will generally end a week after the game is released. Hope this helps somebody.

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  • Thank you for the pre-announcement of the announcement. Awaiting the pre-trailer teaser video.

  • Hurry up dammit!

  • Wow this is awesome. Thanks for posting!

  • I can hopefully trade a copy of PS5 Cyberpunk for my games…

    • All these games on the list will get you $10 or higher trade in. It is a month old so might not be 100% accurate. I traded in Batman Arkham Knight and Need for Speed to get Cyberpunk for $29. I added Remnant From the Ashes with a trade in value of $17 and only paid $12 cash for Cyberpunk…

  • thanks man, I don't have to call them anymore whenever I want to know a trade in value.

    I know people that trade in games that have values of around $20-30 each and pay the extra $29 :(

    • It just seems odd that all this time people have commented on wishing they had a list of eligible games. I just went to trade for Watchdogs and asked about a few games. They were not eligible and the guy there simply said " here is a list of games" and handed me this. So idk if this was unique, or if they even have a printer in store. But he had a pile of these behind the counter…

  • Couldn't see The Division 2. I want to get rid of this soooo bad. :(

    Thanks OP for the list.

  • This list is full of rare JPRGs, CRPGs and other titles that weren't released in Australia or received limited distribution.

    For example,

    Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero (PS4) ($100+)
    Shin Megami Tensei 3DS titles ($150+ each)
    and more…

    Average value of a lot of these games is $40+. You'd be better off not trading in these games at all but then again, it's your games so you do as you please.
    However, it looks like EB Games are trying to diversify their stock levels.

  • Kinda wish they'd just have a list online that gets updated frequently so we could refer to it.