Selling Phone at Mobile Monster

Just wondering, have anyone sell their phones here and get a good experience?


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  • You'll get a better price selling it yourself but obviously a lot less hassle selling to a re-seller like Mobile Monster.

  • I have sold to them a few times - always been a good experience. Saying that I look after my devices well so never get a shock of them offering me a lower price due to damage.

    Saying that I am going to sell my iPhone X next week and will be selling it through gumtree to get a higher price.

  • Sold mine there the other week actually, I had the original box (without charger) I just put it in there, put it in another box and put their postage details on it (I didn't have to pay for postage).

    Took about a week or so to arrive, but once it arrived I got a message saying they had it and they'll look at it. Same day was told it was approved and I got the money in my account a few days later.

    Honestly at least for me it was fairly easy to deal with, worked as I hoped and had no problems. In saying that, just as the other person above said, you'll likely see a better price if you sell yourself. Also I read online that many people have a few good goes with them, then the third phone or something they run into an issue. It kind of reminds me of jetstar? When everything is fine you'll likely be super happy, but if anything bad happened you're stuffed?

    But at least for me, it was super smooth.

  • I sold couple of phones to them. Pretty straight forward in my experience. If they identify a fault then they send a revised offer. They send the phone back to you if you decline i think.

  • i've only sold older phones to them (like Iphone 6S and Samsung S5 old)… didn't get much for them, but it was done in about a week

  • They appear to do good work in the wider community; have a look at their 'Phones for Homes' page.

  • They will price beat by 5% if you find one of the others have the same phone for more, i check we buy back and mazuma first, you can put your sell order in then reply to there email with a screen shot and link and they will update your order.

  • I have sold 2 phones to them so far, agreed with others that it's a lower price than you'd get through Gumtree/FB Marketplace, but for me I was willing to take a slight hit in price to not have to deal with endless messages spam asking if it was still available & lowball offers.

    Both experiences were easy, dropped them off at the post office with attached labels & then about a week later received notification it was processed & then received payment straight away.

  • hehe just checked, my phones are even not in their list.

  • No, I haven't sell any phone on the mentioned site. Many online websites are
    available where you can sell your phone and that too at a good price. You
    can visit any site from them.


    I’ve sold 2 successfully and didn’t proceed with one sale with them

    Very easy process you just pack up your phone in a box and address it to their postage paid address, they confirm receipt in a couple days and you get paid.

    The one I didn’t go ahead with was one handset an iPhone 5s ages back, they assessed it as: “Smashed / Cracked glass (front) - screen assembly has come apart and is seperating from the phone onthe top of the dispaly” I honestly could see nothing wrong with it.

    They offered a lower amount or to return at no cost - I asked for it back this was no hassle it was shipped back quickly at no cost to me, I traded it in at EB games instead for a higher amount.