Telstra Want to "Upgrade" My BYO Plan

Hi Ozbargainers,

I'm currently on a Telstra BYO plan for $39/month that gives me 30G of data each month. They've sent me an email today that they will upgrade me to $45/month for 40G of data. (It will increase to $55/month after 12 months). I never get close to using the 30 gigs every month, so the upgrade is unnecessary.

I looked through their site and FAQs and it said if you don't want it you can cancel your plan or join a different one (all more expensive).

I'd like to stay on this one. Has anyone been able to stay on their old plan at all? Is there any mechanism or advice to do this? Their call centre is basically operating on thin staff levels "due to Covid-19" and sending a message through their Telstra app meets their Codi Help bot, which isn't much help.

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    This is the negative side of their new no contract lock in sim only plans they can up the price when they want, had 3 go from $40 to $55. I went down to XS plans to stay on $40, piddly amount of data so will have to change one soon, can share data on business.

    • But the data on all the new plans are unmetered after your quota is used up. It's slow, but it's surprisingly generously fast. It'll even do video on lowest quality. It supported my remote desktop too while shaped on my iPad.

      • Ok, didn’t realise that, might run it dry and test it. Thanks

      • @AustriaBargain
        before i think i read a brochure a few months ago it said you can tether/hotspot personal device but not every family members device, i think it specifically said "not to be used as a replacement for home internet" im just curious do they enforce this?

        • I dunno, we have gigabit NBN at home. And my iPad has its own cellular internet, so I've never needed to tether. I stopped using my MacBook after getting an iPad but I guess if I bought an ARM macbook to take with me I'd probably need to tether.

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    Telstra's mantra seems to be increasing revenue under the guise of an "upgrade".

    Would you consider going to Boost or Woolworths mobile?

    The Telstra app chat eventually goes to a real human but the response times are quite slow.

  • Telstra is moving everyone over to the new salesforce? system so the plan simply wont exist for people to change too.
    It's all part of the "T22 strategy". "New billing system and limited number of plans to make things less complicated." Which means increasing the cost and removing all loyalty discounts.

    I now save $168 a year on pre paid. So it worked for me lol.

  • Yes I got this email today. I'm considering Boost mobile, apparently runs off Telstra Network but does Boost really have access to Telstra's full capacity or is it limited?

    • Full coverage but limited speeds.

      • I just purchased the Boost 240GB sim

        What's Boost's speeds like?

        I don't think it matters too much as I only really use it for surfing/youtube/streaming music…

  • Go Pre-Paid: $30 for 8GB (with 15 GB Bonus for 3 months).
    I for one have never been able to figure out why Telstra Pre-Paid plans are routinely cheaper than their month to month plan and often with bonus data which equalises the plan. With WFH, I use home WiFi more than earlier and now have also built up a data bank of over 75GB.
    Except for very heavy users of data, Pre-Paid usually offers better value

    If you are unable to data bank then do the simple port to some other service provider for 5 days and return to Telstra trick. They often keep running the bonus data offers for new subscribers.

  • In addition to what others have suggested there is also a $40 plan that includes 2Gb at full speeds then unlimited peace of mind.

  • I got this email today.

    Wasn't using near 30GB per month pre-covid, and barely nothing since covid.

    I guess this was the final straw to do something about it and today I purchased the Boost 12 month 240GB prepaid SIM.. currently on sale for $270.

    I suppose only real downside of prepaid is that I can't get global roaming, but I usually buy a local SIM while OS anyway.. not that we can/will travel in the near future.


    Isn't this pre paid deal pretty much the same as the now expiring $49 post paid plan?

  • I'm on a similar plan and every time I speak to the online chat they try and "upgrade" me…I just say no thanks.
    In store were actually good about it and looked at my usage and current plans and said I'm best off sticking with what I'm on.

    I suspect an email similar to yours is coming though….not sure how long we can just ignore it and keep the same plan.

    • Spoke to soon, same email arrived….$55 plan with $10 off for 12 months.
      I'm more inclined to go to the 180gb for $65 deal. At least it comes with 5G

  • friend is in a similar situation, but they feel like they are stuck with Telstra because only the big three offer the Apple Watch esim. Do any of the MVNOs support Apple Watch sim?

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      Do any of the MVNOs support Apple Watch sim?

      Negative. Only the big three offer this "premium" service.

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    I have a grandfathered BYO plan with 2x $5 Data SIMs on the old CRM system. I'm really hoping they don't move me across as there aren't any comparible plans.

    I haven't got an email yet, but it might be a result of Telstra still offering COVID relief (mainly data bonuses) to Victorian customers.

    • Same here. I like having the flexibility of having one lot of data across my phone and tablet (yeah I could hotspot but that would drain my phone faster)

    • Telstra has now stopped the bonus data for Victorians, which suggests we might be getting emails soon too.

      Those days with a 100.25gb data pool on my 25gb plan were fun while they lasted (bonus 25gb for my base plan, and each of the $5 SIMs).

  • It's looking like I'm about to go from $39 for 30gb on the BYO plan to a $45 (for 12 months) for 40gb on the Small plan. Has anyone had any luck getting a better deal?

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      In case it helps others, I managed to get the Small plan ($55 for 40gb) with a $15 discount for 12 months. Will start paying $40 pm instead of $39, but will get an additional 10gb. Not a terrible outcome.

      • Thats a decent outcome. Was that via Chat?

        • Yep, via chat. Took several hours of waiting though, but well worth it since I just had it in the background while I worked.

      • Also interested

      • Okay I think I've worked it out.

        My Telstra App > Get Help > Message Us > Type & send 'I'd like to chat with a representative'

        After a few messages back & forth, they offered me a $5 p/m discount (which should apply in addition to the automatic $10 p/m discount), however they said I'm unable to have the discount applied until the new plan commences, so I will use the same method as above once that occurs.

  • I have the same plan, $39 with 30GB, and received the same email. I dislike these "bait and switch" tactics, unfortunately all too common. A sweet deal to make you move, then demand more money.

    After a few chats, I tried to get them to understand how I need a cheaper plan not a more expensive plan, given I barely use voice or data these days (Melb). They wouldn't have it, they must move all customers to a new system and a new plan, something adding probably zero value to an existing customer.

    I'm shopping around for a new provider, any suggestions?

    Leaving Telstra is probably the only way to make the point: Telstra exists to serve customers not the other way around. I love a free, competitive market.

  • I have a similar plan but due to work discount only pay $34 a month.

    Is Aldi mobile any good? $25 for 18GB with rollover seems so much better than even my current plan.

  • Made a complaint to Telstra, they are forcing everyone to migrate however said they can extend the $10 credit permanently instead of 12 months. Key is to call them after 12 months with my case number to apply the credits manually. They couldn't do it now because the new plan will automatically apply the credit for 12 months. Hope this helps.

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